How to maintain hair using the loc glove

9 ways the loc glove can help you grow and groom your locs

It’s been a long road getting the locs you wanted but here we are. Locs grown, life’s good flaunting your locs. The only issue is with life’s hussle, you realize that it takes more and more maintenance to keep your locs growing longer, healthier and shinier. So what does it take to maintain your beautiful healthy locs, dreads, sisterlocks or microlocs?

9 ways to use the Loc glove

How to Maintain Your Dreadlocks as They Grow

Maintaining dreadlocks is very much different from maintaining natural hair styles. They do not need brushing or regular trimming, but like other natural hairstyles, they need to be kept clean. Contrary to popular beliefs, clean dreadlocks lock up and tighten faster than dirty dreadlocks. 

It is important to maintain a clean scalp as well as removing any build up, lint and excess oils. Always use sulphate-free shampoos that do not leave residue on your hair. However, washing depends on your lifestyle and locs; you’d definitely want to cleanse your locs frequently if you workout a lot. Also remember to use light oils that won’t clog up your pores.

After washing your locs, dry them as soon as possible. Do not wring out the water, but gently squeeze the excess water. We suggest wrapping your hair in a microfibre towel. These towels absorb more water than cotton towels and they tend to leave any lint on your hair. 

When styling your locs, it’s important to think about your edges. As your locs grow longer, they become heavier and put a lot of tension on your hair that could put your edges at risk. Do not style them too tightly to avoid thinning. 

We recommend sleeping on a silk/satin pillowcase and using a silk or satin bonnet/scarf. Using silk/satin pillowcases and bonnets prevents your hair from getting frizzy and getting dry.  

Caring for your Sisterlocks, dreadlocks or microlocs doesn’t have to be complicated. What if I told you there’s a solution that could help take care of all of that? The loc glove is designed to clean the locs thoroughly without damaging them and to absorb up to eight times their weight in water. Amazing, right? This helps to dry locs effectively and provides daily care to keep locs healthy and strong. There are so many ways you can benefit from using the loc glove on your locs. Here are some of its uses: 

1. To Clean your Locs

The loc glove is made of polyester material with tiny fibers that catch lint, dust, allergens and odors. You can use the loc glove everyday or depending on your hair routines. If you live in a dusty area, you can use the loc glove everyday to remove dirt from hair and keep it looking lustrous and clean.

The loc glove

2. To Dry your Locs

One of the most tedious tasks that comes with having dreadlocks isn’t washing them, but drying them. Drying your locs properly is one of the key ingredients to maintaining your locs. While it's nothing short of dreadful, the loc glove has eased that issue for me. After you towel dry your hair, you can use the loc glove to absorb the excess water. This helps cut the time you take to dry your hair by half, while still removing lint and everything left in your hair after washing. There’s no need to use lemons, ACV or baking soda that leave your hair dry.

how to dry your hair using the loc glove
3. To Keep your Scalp Clean

Having a clean scalp can create an optimal environment for hair growth and eliminate dead skin cells. The loc glove can be used to dry clean your scalp by removing dirt, lint and absorbing excess oils. Simply wear the glove and run it through your hair and gently rub your scalp. 

4. To Remove Odor

Bad hair days–we all go through it! But what about smelly hair days? The reason behind your smelly scalp and hair could be a result of excess oils, sweat and dead skin on your scalp and hair. Not cleaning your locs enough can lead to odor. The loc glove is a great way to get rid of the odor. All you have to do is wear the loc glove and run it through your hair and massage your scalp to exfoliate the scalp and get rid of the dead skin that causes the smells. You can use the glove everyday or depending on your hair routine.

5. To Reduce Frizz

Frizzy hair is often dry hair. The right combination of hair techniques and hair care products can help reduce frizz. The loc glove is one great alternative to get rid of frizzy locs the easy way. It is made of velvety soft material that helps reduce frizz by simply rubbing it gently on your loc strands. You can moisturize your hair and use the loc glove to gently brush your strands and your head, you can lock in the moisture to prevent your hair from being frizzy.

Reducing Frizz using the Loc Glove

6. To Remove Chlorine

While occasional exposure to chlorinated water may not be a cause for alarm, regular exposure can be an issue. Chlorinated water can strip your hair off its natural oils leaving it dry and split ends. If your skin is sensitive to chlorine, it can lead to an itchy and irritated scalp. If you swim regularly in chlorinated water, consider using the loc glove to get rid of chlorine in your hair. By simply using the loc glove to brush across your head gently, you can get rid of the excess lint, chlorine and dirt that is trapped in your loc strands.

7. To Prevent Lint

Lint is tiny pieces of fabric, oils or dust that get tangled easily in your hair. When it comes to locs, there are times when lint is not noticeable. One way to get rid of lint is to use the loc glove in your hair care routine. You do not need to soak your hair in ACV or baking soda since it might lead to build up and drying of your hair, but you can wear the loc glove and gently rub it across your head and loc strands to get rid of lint.

8. Is Anti-static

The Loc glove is a super soft velvety glove that can be used on both locs and natural hair. The material is polyester which can be machine washed, dried and reused. This prevents static when used on hair that can attract dust and lint from attaching on your locs.

9. Cuts Drying Time in Half

Sitting in the dryer is one of the most dreadful past times for anyone with locs. Dreadlocks retain more water than a towel or sponge. It used to take time that I avoided pools and water parks sometimes. I finally got the loc glove that helped reduce drying time by half. After you have squeezed (not wring) your locs with a microfiber towel, use the loc glove to absorb excess moisture. This helps cut your drying time in half. If you haven’t tried this, your mind will be blown!

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