This Quickest Drying Lint-Free Hair Towel is a Must-Have!

This Quickest Drying Anti-Frizz Hair Towel that is also Lint-Free, is a Must-Have!

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When it comes to drying hair everybody is looking for the best towel. No one likes walking around with dripping hair, drops running down the face and back of the neck leaving wet spots on your shirt.

So, a good hair towel is one that:

  • Quickly absorbs moisture
  • Doesn't allow water to drip
  • Absorbs a lot of moisture
  • Doesn't disturb curls
  • Anti-frizz
  • Dries quickly

Of course one doesn't expect to find that one towel with all these qualities. That didn't stop me from searching. None of the ones I've ever tried were anti-frizz. the friction of the fabric would always disturb my kinky curls. 

Microfiber Hair Towel for Locs, Braids, Dreadlocks and Afro Hair
This microfiber turban actually also worked well. It absorbs a lot of water but it becomes heavy and doesn't dry as quick.

Microfiber Hair Towel for Locs, Braids, Dreadlocks and Afro Hair
This was my favorite towel until now. The issue with this one is that it is not lint- free. It catches all kinds of fabric. 

Microfiber Hair Turban for Locs, Braids, Dreadlocks and Afro Hair
I was never really impressed with the Turbie. 

I have tried many different hair towels. From microfiber to the turbie and many other ones. So, believe me when I tell you that this towel, this one, wins! It has all the qualities and more. It's lint-free too!

Just watch the video. Even before I finished rolling my #locs in the towel you could already see wet spots. That is how quick the towel absorbs moisture and even more impressive without my hair dripping at all. (My face was already wet when I put on the towel in case you are wondering.) 

I literally wrapped my hair went around my business of getting ready and my hair was already more than half dry leaving no wet spots on my clothes.

So, if you have hair, you need this towel. It doesn't matter if you have an Afro, locs, braids or straight hair, just give your hair the gift of this quick drying towel.

Smooth with no friction, it is anti-frizz and will leave your curls defined and your strands in healthy shape.  

 Click to order the Quickest Drying Hair Towel

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