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How these acupressure slippers helped release tension and relax my body


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When my whole body started to ache during the height of the Corona crisis, I knew I had to do something. The high death rate here in New York, social distancing, isolating and spending way too many hours staring at a screen, began taking its toll.

My whole body felt tense, from my legs to my neck. A massage nor the gym was out of the question. They were closed. That is when I started looking for tools to release the tension in my body. I started to feel aches and pains that I didn't like, at all!

I found and tried quite a few tools but I am so happy with these acupressure massage slippers that I have to share.

The minute I put them on, it felt as if the blood in my legs started circulating again. Until that moment, I didn't even realize how tense my legs were. What was I thinking? Sitting for hours in a row will impact your blood circulation. 

To be honest there was a moment that I thought, wait, wearing these slippers hurt a bit. Are they suppose to hurt? Then, I found out that yes, acupressure was suppose to hurt and that the goal was to wear the slippers for 15 minutes a day.  

So, I started to incorporate the slippers to my morning routine. I wear them when I get up and keep them on while I brush my teeth, wash my face, drink my glass of water. make tea and prepare breakfast. By the time I am done, I've had my 15 minutes of reflexology and my body is ready to go! 

I also keep them on all day while I am working on my laptop. There is no pressure when you don't stand on the slippers so you don't feel them if you wear them while you sit. When you get up, you do feel them though. That is perfect for me because the pins are right there to press away any little tension you just built. 

After wearing them for a few months now the tension in my body is just gone. The aches in my legs and the stiffness are totally gone. I can walk easy now. 

What surprised me is that also the tension in my neck and shoulder is gone. However, reflexology literally touches ever part of your body so it makes sense.

There is actually a whole list of what these slippers can magically heal:

  • ✔RELIEF: Designed to soothe feet/ heel pain & tension due to arthritis, neuropathy and other ailments. 
  • ✔RELAX: Refreshes sore, achy, plantar fasciitis feet. Promotes better blood flow to enhance overall health.

So, I totally wholeheartedly recommend these slippers. Here are some tips if you want to try them:

Don't force it. Take it easy. Start with a 5 minute goal. Take them of if they hurt too much. Wear socks. Socks ease the pain a bit. 

Acupressure massage slippers

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Arlene garcia
Arlene garcia

Do these run true to size? Or do they come in men’s? I have very big feet but am sure these would be great for me


Very very interesting. I’m considering getting a pair.

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