What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show Video

What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show Video

The What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show was a collaboration of Hair Salons in New York, Models, TAMA and What Naturals Love. 
New Store, New Products
With the launch of our new store not only do we have new items, some of the most popular items are also back in stock. 
Like the garments featured in the What Naturals Love Hair and Fashion show which was a tremendous success. Some of the items were immediately sold out but we got new stock! Be quick to order before they are gone again.
High Low African Dress
African Print Maxi Multi Wear Infinity Dress
Super Bonnets for natural hair and locs
Click to buy Super comfi satin bonnet
 that looks great always!
Talk with us! Let us know what you think of the What Naturals Hair & Fashion Show. Also if you see any items you really really like and what you would like to see in our next show.

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