African Pantsuits that empower Boss Ladies of all sizes Brightly and Boldly

Pantsuits for women who mean business, all sizes Bright and Bold

The stylish pantsuits for women from What Naturals Love are a must-have in any fashion-forward woman's wardrobe. Not only do they exude confidence and style, they are also versatile and inclusive, making them suitable for any woman, regardless of her race, size, or body shape.


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The What Naturals Love African pantsuits for women are designed with a perfect cut that accentuates the best of who you are. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to find one that suits your personal style. Whether you prefer bright, bold colors or more subdued hues, you'll find a pantsuit that speaks to you.

It’s no coincidence that the producers of the popular podcast Dipsaus choose these African pantsuits for their 2023 phototo shoot.

The minute Anousha Nzume, founder of the Dipsaus podcast saw one of the suits, she knew she had found the outfits for team’s new photo shoot.


African Panstuits for boss ladies

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With orange as her favorite color, Anousha Nzume chose the orange pantsuit with maroon patterns as it perfectly captures her personality and style, colorful and bright! The Cameroonian/Russian, who also the co-producer of the Master of light documentary and author of "Hallo witte mensen (Hello White people)." completed her style with the classic gold cuff, spherical earrings and red handmade beaded neckless that also comes in white.

Born in Ethiopia and living in the Netherlands, Ebissé Wakjira-Rouw is wearing the African pantsuit with a peacock pattern in two kinds of blue shades combined with yellow and green. She is an Ethio-Dutch, black, and non-western immigrant who runs a virtual Consultancy bureau Kopje Koffie Doen? And works at the Council for Culture at the intersection of policy and communication.


Panstuis for Business Women

Pantsuits for business women

The Dutch-Moroccan or Moroccan-Dutch Mariam El Maslouhi is wearing the white, grey, and yellow pantsuit. The passionate lover of raï music from the 80s, is a policy officer for a left-wing group in The Hague and produces several podcasts.

Last but certainly not least is Kimberley Snijders assistant producer dressed in the What Naturals Love pantsuit with typical African print. Kimberly who makes sure that all the Dipsaus podcasts run fluidly matched her pantsuit with bold and unique accessories that add an extra pop and personality to the already stunning African pantsuits.

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