6 different styles with the Moroccan Magic Dress with Sleeves

6 Dresses in 1: Learn How to Create Different Styles with the Moroccan Magic Dress with Sleeves

Everyone has that one beautiful dress they wish they could wear always. Sometimes, it's the feel of the dress on your skin or its color and styling that has you sold.

What if you could have your new favorite dress in many different styles? All in the same color and fabric but with different head-turning styles. Incredible right? That's what you get with the Moroccan Magic Dress.

The Magic Dress with Sleeves

It is a two-layered bias-cut dress fashioned out of rayon. The design floats comfortably around the body and is tailored to fit all sizes. It is available in 10 colors, including white, black, green, brown, orange, and red. You also get an extra option of a headwrap.

How to Adorn the Moroccan Magic Dress

Here are six beautiful ways to make one dress into 6 magic dresses.

1.   Full sleeves with waist knot

You can rock your magic dress with sleeves in its full glory. Take this look from basic to accentuating by making a knot at the waist. The back view will give you a snatched waistline, with a delicately knotted design in front.

2.   Cowl neck

This style features drapes on both sides of the dress. Drape the adjustable layer over your shoulders and let the rest of the fabric flow downwards. You'll have a free-flowing dress with multiple drapes across the chest and waistline. It's an exciting way to add drama to the upper layer of your magic dress.

3.   One-handed drape

Instead of draping the layers over your shoulders, pull them over one arm. It will create a beautiful Indian-themed look that is simple yet elegant. This style could look casual or classic, depending on the color you choose for your magic dress.

4.   Sleeveless maxi

Looking for something light and airy? Then, this style is for you. You can roll in the top layers and wear your dress as a sleeveless maxi. Simple and chic!

5.   Back drapes

Want a simple neckline? Then you can pull the top layer over your shoulders but let the extra layers drape downwards behind your arms. So, you'll have a free-flowing gown with drapes across your arms from behind.

6.   Double-sided drapes

Here's how to style your magic dress with some flair on the sides. The idea is to create wavy curves by the sides of your dress. So the top layer will have a slim sleeveless top that falls into drapes on the sides. Then the second layer will fill out the bottom to your ankles.


One beautiful thing about this dress is how form-fitting or relaxed it can look, depending on how you style it. One minute you can have your magic dress with sleeves or rock them without sleeves. The idea is to style it in a way that flatters your body.

One size fits most people, making it a great plus-size dress. So, take a step and add six new dresses to your wardrobe at the cost of one!

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