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Super soft Cellulose Sponge to remove makeup and deep cleanses face

Super soft Cellulose Sponge to remove makeup and deep cleanses face

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Cellulose sponges don't only improve your facial skincare routine, they will safe your money!

The fibers of these amazing sponges efficiently absorb dirt, makeup, and oil from your skin. The soft texture of cellulose facial sponge makes it perfect for skin and the round shape makes it easier to clean out certain areas of your face; such as the tighter corners under your nose.

Here are the benefits of using a cellulose sponge:

  • It is an effective tool for face cleaning

Cellulose sponges have fibers that can unclog blocked pores on your face. Neither wash cloths, cotton pads, or your hand can do this. Every time you use a cellulose sponge, you wipe off more makeup, oil, and sweat, leaving your face fresh and glowing.

  • It exfoliates your skin

Using a cellulose sponge is a great way to lightly exfoliate your face daily. As soft as it is the fiber rids your skin of dead skin cells and gives new skin space to grow. It helps if you use the cellulose sponge in a circular motion.

  • It is great for any skin type

Cellulose facial sponges are soft enough to not harm skin but firm enough to wipe off dirt and open your pores. So having oily skin or dry skin doesn’t matter! Don't use on open wounds, burns or sores though.

  • It takes off makeup better

The fiber of a cellulose sponge makes it so much easier to wipe off makeup as it naturally absorbs everything that is on top of the skin.

They are reusable and safe you money!

A simple hot water mix with baking soda and vinegar will get your cellulose sponge clean. Make sure your sponge is completely dry before you use it again.

You only have to replace your sponges once every 2 to 3 months.

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