Zewditu (Ziggy) Mulugeta, founder and owner of Ziggy Artistry and Z Hair Collection

Hair as Art: Witness Ziggy's Style at the Hair & Fashion Show

Meet Business woman Zewditu (Ziggy) Mulugeta, founder and owner of Ziggy Artistry and Z Hair Collection, a luxury hair extension, and wig line. Ziggy is a Master stylist focused on helping her clients achieve healthy, beautiful, and stylish hair. She works with all hair types and textures and loves helping her clients look and feel their best.

 Ziggy fondly remembers growing up with her extended "male" family household, where her hair often looked like a disaster. Lopsided ponytails and an untamed mane were the norm and certainly didn't suit the together look and personality that she strived for, even at a young age. 

She quickly learned at the age of seven that if she wanted to look good, she had to take matters into her own hands. Here began Ziggy's journey into the world of hair. By age 13, Ziggy had a following of family and friends willing to pay her to braid their hair. At age 14, Ziggy was given her first professional opportunity in a hair salon. Quickly, Ziggy became known as the local master braider. 

In 2005, Ziggy graduated top of her class in Cosmetology 1&2 from Rockland BOCES, solidifying her foundation in the field. This achievement marked a milestone in her journey and propelled her toward even greater success. In 2012, at  25, Ziggy opened the doors to her very own salon in New City, NY.



Ziggy has had the opportunity to learn at various hair salons and has earned many certifications that have supported her growth as a hair artist. Whether you're looking for a polished look for that fabulous event, need a new style for work, or want good quality hair care, Ziggy and her team can provide that for you and more.

The motto for her salon, Ziggy Artistry is "We touch more than your hair, we touch your heart and soul!"

Aside from building her business in the beauty world, Ziggy understands the importance of having multiple income streams to build wealth. After obtaining a business degree from Berkeley College in 2009, she educated herself on financial literacy and planning. Financial freedom is a major driving force for the young Ethiopian native. Here, she started to pay herself first, started an investment portfolio, and had her eye on the real estate game.

Today, Ziggy owns and manages two properties in Rockland County and hosts Airbnb guests, all while making the world beautiful.

Ziggy is set to dazzle the stage at the upcoming Hair & Fashion Show 2023. The event is a celebration of natural hair, locs, and Diaspora fashion, showcasing self-love and empowerment. Join her and have the chance to gain valuable insights into the latest trends in hair and fashion.

The Hair & Fashion Show is taking place on August 27th at 2 pm. This year's theme is "Equal Hair Rights." Show is open to all who want to celebrate natural hair and fashion. 


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