Black Married couple with long dreadlocks

15 years Loc’d Together: Kenneya & Bookai a beauful couple with long locs


Black Love married couple with Dreadlocks

After seeing a photo of this beautiful photo posted in our loc group on Facebook called Locs & Stuff, we knew we had to interview them. It’s always refreshing to see a loc’d couple like Kenneya & Bookai who hail from Atlanta, GA. Sharing your loc journey with a significant other can bond you together as a couple and as a family unit. Not only are they couple goals and family goals, but they are loc goals for those of us in the loc community. Let’s get to know them.

Q: How long have you been loc’d?
Kenneya: We’ve both been loc’d for 15 years.

Q: How did you start your locs? (Comb coils, two strand twists, plaits, etc.)
Kenneya: We both started with comb coils.

Q: What made you loc your hair?
Kenneya: Well, I did it because I have a tender scalp and my mom, whom I look up to, has them too.

Bookai: I liked how plaits looked on me, so I decided to get locs.

Black Love Kenneya & Bookai loced couple with Dreadlocks

Q: Have you ever taken your locs down and started over? If so, why?
Kenneya: No, we both committed, lol.

Q: How do you maintain your locs?
Kenneya: We wash and retwist our hair about once a month, give or take. I use my own products on our hair called TrueRetwist. You can find my products on Etsy and Instagram.

Q: Have you ever had an issue with employment because of your locs?
Kenneya: No.

Bookai: Yes. After I was hired for a job, the hiring manager, who was African American, said I was “surprisingly smart.” He then tried to find a location in the ghetto for me to work because he felt the people at my current location wouldn’t be “receptive” to me because of my locs.

Q: Do you think you’ll ever loc your child(ren)’s hair?
Kenneya: We will probably loc our son’s hair sometime in the future.

Black Love Kenneya & Bookai loced couple with their son

Q: What has been the craziest encounter you’ve had with strangers when it comes to your locs?
Bookai: I was mistaken for the rapper Waka Flaka while in Panama City.

Q: Many look at you and say “Couple Goals” or “Loc Goals”. What advice do you have for loc’d couples/families, and for those new to the loc journey?

Kenneya: Things always change, you can’t stay the same to grow. Allow your hair to bring you together by having hair appointment dates, or bond while doing each other’s hair.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We wish you and your beautiful family all the best!

Interview by Sonya Braxton Jagers. Want to be featured and share your loc or hair story? Contact us! 

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Mireille Liong
Mireille Liong

Brother Locs are Sisterlocks but for men. Hence the term Brother locs.

Freda D. Shelton
Freda D. Shelton

What are Brother locs? Just curious to know because I have regular locs that are interlocked.

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