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How to create three more styles with the Moroccan Magic Dress

Moroccan Magic Dress

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We know, the model in the original Moroccan Magic Dress video makes it look way too easy. Once you receive your dress, you forgot all the styles you can do with this wonderful two layered dress.

Yet, even when you look up the video, you still get confused. The model does it so super smooth, it's just frustrating because it's not as easy as it looks.

Well, it's not that hard either. You just need to know a few simple steps. Luckily we have a model who does this step by step so it is really super easy to do. You'll be surprised!

Just know that this is the same one size fits all Moroccan Magic Dress the only difference is that it is not a one solid color dress.

To create even more magic, one layer, the bottom one, is kept solid while the top layer has beautiful black flowers which gives you even more variety. So here are the steps for three different styles that you can do with any Moroccan Magic Dress, solid color, flowered or purple patched. You can see all the varieties at the Moroccan Magic Dress Collection.

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Step one: Admire yourself in the mirror and just simply enjoy the beautiful bias cut of the Moroccan Magic Dress. Yes, you do look good.

Step two: Now let's create some magic! Just simply pull your arm through the hole of the dress on either the left or right side then pull the outer layer of the dress over your shoulder. Viola, you got the Sari Style!

Step three: Take out the sash and tie it around your waist. Not too high, not too low, just where you feel comfortable and you look great! This is the one shoulder Greek style.

Step four: Now pull the sash over your chest as to create a top. Another whole new look, the Top Notch Style.

Now wasn't that easy? We will have more styles coming up and of course we love to see your varieties. So if you have them, please don't keep them to yourself. Come back and share! We look forward enjoying your creativity.

To order yours now see the Moroccan Magic Dress Collection.


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