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Moroccan Magic Dress Video Channel

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Welcome to the Moroccan Magic Dress Video Channel

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We know there are endless possibilities with the Moroccan Magic Dress and you've asked us so we put together this channel for you!

You get 5% off your next order if you send us your photos in which you show off our products and 10% off if you send us your videos. Enjoy!


  • I recvd ur Moroccan Magic dress (color BLUE) as a gift it fits beautifully, the length is great, I am a tall person. Pls advise the buttons n loop under each arm!!! Thnx again

  • No but thank you for the tip. The next video will include using the buttions.

    Mireille Liong on
  • I received my Moroccan Magic Dress and noticed two buttons on each side and two loops on each side, is there a video that shows how to use them?

    Cynthia R Pierre on

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