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How to get rid of Frizzy Locs the easy way

One of the frequently asked questions in Loc groups on facebook is 'How do you get rid of frizzy locs?' Some of the standard answers one can expect to read is 'Trust the process' or 'Embrace it'. While these are good answers they often don't seem to  satisfy the poster and truth to be told there are a few things one can do.

Fist, what you should never do 
No matter how frizzy your locs get what you should never ever do is to use a razor to cut off the frizz. It is hair that belongs in the loc. Hair  that will eventually matt with the loc naturally. Cutting the frizz off with a razor will damage your locs. Especially in the starting phase and most certainly if you have any kind of micro locs. 

Pillow Case
When you are in the beginning stage of your loc journey frizz is indeed inevitable. As described in my blog Embrace your frizzy Locs during your journey you will become more acceptable of frizz. Still, a satin pillow case does help reduce the frizz. 100% silk is even better.

Silk Pillow Case 100% mulberry

Scarfs and bonnets
Even if you do have a silk pillow case, it is good to sleep with a scarf or a bonnet on. This double protection will most certainly keep your frizz at bay, maximally. Best of all, you can look like a sleeping beauty with one of our super soft silky scarfs

 Silk Leopard bonnet to keep your hair protected

They are free of elastic, so no pressure on the hair line and no elastic. It doesn't look like an oversized shower cap. The silky scarf has two long tails that allows you to decide the pressure while it stays on. It is just a beautiful wrap that you can even wear outside. 

Microfiber Towel

What also helps reduce frizzy locs tremendously is a good microfiber towel. That means one that quickly absorbs water from your locs, doesn't leave lint in your hair and doesn't disturb your strands. 

Loc Glove

Then there is the Loc Glove. Also made of super soft microfiber this super Loc Glove will not only reduce frizz tremendously, it will also help you:

* Keep your locs clean
* Remove unseen particles that settle in your locs
* Keep your scalp clean
* Cut drying time in half
* Dry locs instantly
* Remove odor
* Create perfect coils 
* Create starter locs

To Clean locs

The Loc Glove, 5" wide and 10" long, is made of a that super soft Polyester that can absorb up to eight times its weight in water. This makes the Loc glove not only perfect to instantly dry locs no matter what size they are but also ideal for daily maintenance to keep locs clean.

So the Loc Glove doesn't only cut drying time of locs and natural hair in half, the tiny fibers of this ultra soft Loc Glove instantly catch dust, allergens, odor and lint. No need for ACV or baking soda that is harsh and drying to hair.

The Loc Glove gently cleanses without damaging the strands.

The Loc Glove is machine washable and reusable. It's made of  long lasting high quality polyester that makes it light, very resilient, strong and durable.

It also works on curly hair.

The loc glove also brings out the curl pattern in your hair. Your coils will come out super nice and defined. Watch the video of Licensed Master Barber/Stylist, Natural & Damage Hair Specialist and Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant Adenike with 23 years experience in natural hair care trying Loc Glove for the first time.


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