Gifts and greetings from Amsterdam!

Gifts and greetings from Amsterdam!

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I love Amsterdam Mireille Liong

Yes, I am back in Amsterdam. The city I came into adulthood after finishing college in Suriname. Where I cycled the streets and discovered nightlife while working on my Master Degree in IT at the University of Amsterdam. As you can imagine a lot has changed but it is good to be back.

I came for the one and only urban film festival in the Netherlands named DBUFF, the Da Bounce Urban Film Festival featuring films from Black Directors from mainly the US. The festival was beyond expectation and I hope you will all join me next year. So in the remaining time that I have left, I hope to tell you more about this city with cute small streets and a lot of bikes where I spent more than a decade of my life.

What do you want to know about Holland?

Over the years I got a lot of questions about Holland. Some people are surprised that there are Black Surinamese people living in Holland. Are you interested to hear about the history of Black people in Holland, let me know. I am not a Historian but I can share what I've learned and of course share more about the people from Diaspora, Black designers, artists, singers you should go see, just let me know. 

Are you interested in what you should definitely see when you visit? The places, the food, how to get around, I can definitely tell you the ins and outs.  

And of course I can let you know where you can get your hair done! Still if you want to know, you have to do it in writing. 

Sweets from Holland

Now this might be my specialty. I love food. All kinds of food but I am also picky since I started to eat a healthier diet, Paleo and gluten free, but I promise this won't keep me from giving you the best recommendations when it comes to finding good restaurants and cafes.

I am not sure if there is a country with more varieties of breads than the Netherlands, they have at least 200. They also have great cookies. I remember doing a giveaway before so I am doing one again. With the holidays coming up this is excellent timing to ask: What sweets can I bring you from the Netherlands? Please let me know and you may be the lucky winner of a gift bag with sweets from Holland. I look forward to your questions and comments.

As they say in Holland, Hoi!

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Yvonne Koenders- Mertle
Yvonne Koenders- Mertle

So glad I stumbled on your site. I am Dutch was born in Amsterdam married to an American so live here but still miss Holland. So you can bring me back Ontbijtkoek. We eat it for breakfast in Holland and its delicious. Dont forget to eat poffertjes when you are there 🇳🇱enjoy Yvonne.

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