Before WhatNaturalsLove there was Going Natural; a look back

Before WhatNaturalsLove there was Going Natural; a look back

I came across this video that I really like to share with you. Not only did watching it bring me joy, it reinforced my purpose and how I got here. 

Many who came via social networks whether it is from Facebook, Instagram or Pintrest may not know that before came into existence there was this site called So, especially for those of you who are new and wondering about us, here is a little history behind this shop and blog called What Naturals Love dot com.

Created in 2002 was a social web and networking site connecting over 80,000 members, followers and fans with the goal to change the stereotypical perception of natural hair. 

In pursuit of its goal, launched countless events that featured beautiful hairstyles, exceptional stylists and outstanding models.

Natural Hair books

From the publication of Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair and Bad Hair Uprooted to photo shoots, hair shows and exhibitions, the site laid the foundation for 

When creators from the streets of Brooklyn to the beaches of Guadeloupe, designers from the lanes of Paramaribo, Suriname to the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands asked to feature their stuff, the idea for a Diaspora store was born.

Watching the video of 2016 in review gives you an idea of what accomplished in only one year. 

Of course the facebook page has now changed to and Instagram to @WhatnaturalsLove.

I totally forgot about this video but I am so glad I found it. It offered the opportunity to show you a little of the history behind this store. 

More than anything, this look-back made me feel thankful for the inspiration I got to set these things in motion and proud of what I’ve been able to build. 

So, you know what? Customer appreciation week is coming. If you haven’t signed up yet, the time is now. 

Creating and building had its challenges but we are here to stay!

Thank you! 


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