Mireille Liong Long Locs in Tucsan Arizona on a horse with niece Gaby

Do something you never did before and what we have in store for 2024

Starting 2024 

I hope you had a great start and that you are full of energy to make this year your best one yet. As this is the 20th anniversary of my book coming out, Going Natural, How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair, we do plan to make 2024 the best one yet here at What Naturals Love and I hope you'll celebrate with us.

Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Natural Hair Book
Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair
 20th anniversary

Personally, I was off to a great start. Not only was I not in New York for the first time in a long time, I started with doing something, I never did before in a place I had never visited before: Horseback riding in Tuscan, AZ. It was a great experience that only fuelled my aspirations for the next 12 months. So, I hope you are ready because I wasted no time. 


Locticians Near Me

Finding a good beauty salon has always been quite challenging for us natural hair but it seems that this might be even worse when you have locs. One of the things I noticed last year was how many scams there were when it came to finding a good loctician. So, I decided to add one more project to my busy schedule: building a directory for Locticians and Natural Hairstylist. Check it out: Locticiansandstylists.com.

Just so you know, this directory is not for me. It's for all of us who are looking for great natural hair and locs services. The goal is to build it together. It is a community effort. So, it will all depend on your participation. All you need to do is use it; search for your service, share it with your stylist, salon, loctician if he/she is not listed yet and add a review. It is that simple. It's not ready yet but will be able to get a preview soon. 

Natural Hair Salons near me
We are building a Directory for Locticians, Braiders and Natural Hairstylists

Travelling Africa

Even before I moved to New York, I had plans visiting the continent of Africa. Brooklyn and building my business kept me quite busy but the time has finally come: I will be travelling to the motherland this year for the first time ever and I am super exited. 

I can't share all the details yet. What I can share however, is that I am moving next month. Do not worry, all orders will be fulfilled as usual and you will still be able to place your orders. Your orders will efficiently be fulfilled by fulfillment centers near you. 

Inventory on Sale

Now, before I ship the rest of items to fulfillment centers, I want to give you my supporters the opportunity to buy as many things as you like. This means that you can start your year taking advantage of the biggest sale ever because all that is in stock has to go! 

So, from $2 earrings to $10 dresses and $5 headwraps, please go shop your heart out. I am glad you are here and look forward celebrating 2024 with you! 

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