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Finding the right wireless bra online

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Sexy Lace Wireless Bra.  

Online shopping is my thing. Since online shopping started I hardly ever went to a shopping mall. The only thing I needed to go to a store for was a bra. 

I never really knew my size. I remember being a B for the longest time but somewhere somehow it became a C. It was all good because once in the store, I would just look for what I liked then start fitting bras to see and feel how they fit. The ones that fit well, were comfortable and looked nice were the ones I bought. Then Covid hit. 

While most stores were closed, one of my favorite bras' wire poked me on the side of my breast. Although I had a few other bras, I knew that I needed at lease one new bra. The experience was also painful enough to learn more about the dangers of an underwire bra and so I went on a search for a wireless bra.

The problem was that all bralettes I had bought even before Covid didn't even last a week. They just didn't have a good hold. It was as if I wasn't wearing a bra at all. So, how was I going to find a bralette online without the option to even try it on? 

With my measurements at hand, I just started searching and reading lots of reviews. I read and watched videos about how to measure your breasts to find the right size. Still, what I was looking for was a comfortable, nice looking bra that would hold my breast properly. Thankfully, I succeeded and I am happy to share.

This wireless bra has all the qualities I was looking for plus more. This bralette is comfortable, beautiful lace and not only does it have a good hold, it also offers a little lift.

So if you are looking for a bra without an underwire aka bralette, I totally recommend this one! Please use the size chart to find your size and click Sexy Lace Wireless Bra.  


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Rev. Margaret V L Tyson
Rev. Margaret V L Tyson

I wear 40H, please stop sending me emails until you have product that will fit me. Thank you.

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