Loc Maintenance: How Often Should You Retwist Your Locs?

Loc Maintenance: How Often Should You Retwist Your Locs?

Hey there, loc lovers! If you're rocking locs, dreads, Sisterlocks, or microlocs, you already know that maintenance is key to keeping your hair healthy and looking fabulous.

And when it comes to loc maintenance, retightening or retwisting your  new growth is essential. But here the real question: how often should you be doing it to keep your hair on point? And which methods are best to achieve it? Two popular methods are Twisting  and interlocking . Let's dive into it!

Long dreadlocks that have been retwisted and curled
Long locs freshly retwisted and curled. Want to curl your locs? Get these Loc Curlers. 

Retwisting Methods

While traditional locs can be interlocked, twisting is the standard method to maintain the new growth of traditional locs. Interlocking is the standard method for smaller, micro-sized, locs, like Sisterlocks.

The technique aka rotations used for interlocking depend on what type of locs you have. The standard for interlocking is the 4-point rotation but if you have Sisterlocks, the rotations will depend on your curl pattern.

Although a sensitive scalp is normal after a retie, be aware that your hair is never twisted orinterlocked too tight. So, whatever method you choose to maintain your locs, whether it isinterlocking or twisting, you should not be in pain after getting your locs done. If you can’t smilebecause it hurts your hair is retightened way too tight and you have to be careful. Too much tension on your locs can lead to breakage.

Videos like this one: How To D.I.Y Sisterlocks, Microlocks & Interlocs | Using an interlocking needle 4 point rotation  by YouTuber JessKnotty can guide you through the process.

Women plan a retightening at least one week after that time of the month. For the same reason you didn’t get your relaxers during your period, you should not get your hair retightened. Your scalp is extra sensitive.

Maintaining healthy and well-maintained locs is a delicate balancing act. While it's important to retwist or interlock your locs regularly, overdoing it can lead to breakage and weakened hair, which can cause more problems down the line.

The recommended timeline for retightening is usually every 8 to 12 weeks, but this can vary depending on your personal hair growth. Waiting too long between retwisting salon visits can cause the locs to matt together, leading to pain and discomfort during the retightening process. The best way is to let your hair speak and tell you. If your new growth is half an inch or longer, it is time for a retie.

Seeking the help of a professional Loctician is crucial because they have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to properly retighten and maintain your locs, ensuring they stay looking great and healthy for years to come.

By seeking the help of an expert, you can rest easy knowing that your locs are in good hands and that you are doing everything possible to maintain healthy, well-maintained, and fabulous-looking locs. However, if you are curious about the process or feel inspired to learn how to retwist on your own, you can count on the YouTube community to teach you.

To maintain healthy and well-maintained locs, it's important to strike the right balance between retightening too often and not often enough. By following the recommended timeline and avoiding over-twisting or over-interlocking, you can keep your locs looking fabulous and pain- free.

Additionally, seeking the help of a professional Loctician is crucial to maintaining healthy and beautiful locs for years to come. With their expertise and specialized tools, they can ensure that your locs are properly retightened and maintained. So if you want to keep your locs in the best possible shape, don't hesitate to consult with a professional or if you feel inspired to learn, go for it!

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