Aishah Bilal-Ali founder of Hairadox Hair Care Center

Meet Aishah Bilal-Ali, Founder and owner of Hairadox Hair Care Center

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Aishah Bilal-Ali owner of Hairadox Hair Care Center

Aishah Bilal-Ali is the owner of Hairadox Hair Care Center in Illinois, the Hairadox brand of hair care products, and an active Member of the International Association of Trichologists (IAT). She is a Certified Trichologist, Master Loctician and Senior Cosmetologist. Her highly-effective hair care, loc and trichology philosophies make her a much sought after subject matter expert. She has been featured on CNN, The Natural Hair Show and in the New York Times.

Aishah has a Post-Masters degree in Education and over 30 years of specialized experience in the hair, beauty and fashion industries. She applies her education, background and experiences towards training Cosmetologists, Natural Hair Stylists, Braiders and Locticians in mastering the treatment, care and styling of highly textured hair.

Miss  Aishah Bilal-Ali's knowlege, experience and love is in ingrained her exclusive Hairadox hair care line. We are elated to announce that the Tricholist's products from Edge Food for natural hair to Loc Retwist Butter are now available in our store. Check them out and buy at

Hairadox Hair Care Products

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Therese Church
Therese Church

I attempted to book an appointment on 12-26-20 for 1-14-21 at 1pm. Can I get a acceptance response. My hair has grown accustomed to the care and results achieved by the founder of Hairadox.

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