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A Free Outfit for your Thoughts

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To all of you who sent in their reviews, we at What Naturals Love say thank you! We truly appreciate you taking the time to write a review, a picture or video and share it. To show our love and to make reviewing the products you love even more exiting, we want to reward you. Yes, we are going to reward the review of the year with a FREE OUTFIT! 🌟👗

 Pants set review of customer Moreen

Your reviews make us look good!
For any store, getting reviews is not just great, it is essential. Your feedback doesn't only help other customers know what is great about an item they are looking at, it also helps our store tremendously. By sharing what products you love, what you love about them and especially sharing pictures and videos, we can get you more of what you like which improves our service.

You should know that all we want is making you the happiest customer on the planet. We know weather related delays happen sometimes or a delivered item can be imperfect, the wrong size or color but believe me when I say, we hate it more than you do.

Jenay Loves the Scalp Therapy Roller!

So, although we can't promise a perfect delivery 100% every time, we can guarantee you that we will do everyting that is in our power to make things right, 100% of the time! So, in case something doesn't go to (y)our liking, just get in touch and we will fix it. Remember, YOU are the star of our show!

Get your reward! 
As a star, you should be rewarded and that is exactly what we are going to do. If you've ordered anything from our store, you should have received a request to review it. If you didn't, please get in touch.  


Teresa M. says " One of my new favorite things! Enjoyed using it very much!" - She is using the Wash Basin for Locs, Dreadlocks, Microlocs

It doesn't matter what you've ordered. It could be earrings, a hair product or an outfit, once you click on the link in the email you have received to review your item, you'll be able to share your thoughts, upload a photo and video. That is all you have to do to get a chance to be rewarded a free outfit. 

If you rather share your experience on Social Media, please tag us! @whatnaturalslove. We are looking forward to more of your reviews.

You can also tag us like this lovely customer who sent us this review. She loves the loc glove and we love her. 



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