Watch 18 ways to wear this Magic Headwrap

Watch 18 ways to wear this Magic Headwrap

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The Magic Headwrap is a Multi-Wear headwrap that you can wear many, many ways. The styles you can create are only limited to your imagination.

It's satin lined on the inside to protect your strands, not only from the outside from cold, heat, dust and pollution but also from fabric that can pull on or dry out your hair.

There is no elastic that puts pressure on your baby hair. The Magic Headwrap is just a wearable piece of art that will protect your strands while making you look fabulous.

We have different colors and patterns but just watch this video of you can do 18 styles with this one Magic Headwrap.

On sale for Black History Month. Buy one Multi-Wear Magic Headwrap extra and get free shipping! 

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