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Watch 7 year old Cherelice demonstrating a Twist Out with the Going Natural hair care products

Suriname's youngest model famous not only for her beautiful dark skin but also for her, gorgeous head of natural hair that she is very proud of, happily demonstrates a Twist Out with the Going Natural Hair Care products.

Cherelice Suriname's youngest natural hair model who broke the internet

From the moment I met her in real life the beautiful Cherelice stole my heart. It was not just her hair and her beauty, it was also her personality and all the things she enjoys in her life, sewing, making her own jewelry, dancing and since last summer also swimming.

As you can imagine with all the activities her hair needed extra care, especially because of the swimming. So when her mom asked me for advice, as to what to do against Cher's dried out hair, I gave a few tips, instructions as well as the following Going Natural Hair Care products that the both of them could try out: Going Natural Herbal shampoo, Going Natural Deep Conditioner, No More Knots, Silky Shea Hair Butter.

How to prevent chlorine to harm your hair

First, before going into a swimming pool, it's good to wet your hair whether you wear a cap or not. Water soaked hair dilutes chlorine from the pool so it prevents the harsh chemicals to directly harm the strands. Spraying the No more knots afterwards is even better because this will add an extra layer of protection and help to easily detangle the hair after swimming.

Washing and conditioning your hair after swimming

With such a beautiful head of thick hair, it's best to part the hair in six to twelve parts and make twists. This way you can wash the hair in parts which is a lot easier than washing and especially combing through a whole head of hair, all at once.

It's best to add shampoo directly to the hair when coming out of the pool. Your hair doesn't have to be soaking wet. This way the shampoo has a chance to directly get rid of the chlorine in the hair. Feel free to dilute the shampoo because it's thick and goes a long way.

Once you added shampoo to one part, make a loose twist of the hair. Continue this until the whole head is shampooed. After that is done it's time to take each part out to rinse and add the Going Natural Deep Conditioner to moisturize the clean strands. Combing the Going Natural Deep conditioner through each part before twisting the hair up again should be a breeze at this stage. This will also deepen the treatment.

Since Cherelice is allergic to peppermint, I didn't give her the Detox conditioner what I would normally do but the Going Natural Deep conditioner to intensely moisturize the hair after washing.

Depending how much time you have on your hands, you can leave the deep conditioner in your clean twisted hair for two to thirty minutes. Then it's time to thoroughly rinse each part, comb it trough and twist up the hair again. You will already see and feel the difference right here.

The Twist Out with the Going Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter

Cherilice shows how she and her used the Going Natural Hair Care products at homeCherilice twisted her hair with the the Going Natural Silky Shea Butter

Now that the hair is clean, fresh and moisturized it's time for the next step. The best thing you can do at this stage is to wrap a super absorbent towel over your hair and then walk around, do stuff and let your hair dry. You will notice that your hair dries a lot quicker without any products in it. Once your hair is dry, you can start with the styling part.

Twisting the hair with the Going Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter

Since the hair is dried up in parts, twisting the hair is a breeze. Take out each part, thoroughly comb the Silky Shea Hair Butter through and make 4 to 6 smaller twists. Repeat this for each part.

To prevent the hair from shrinking you can braid the twists together or make bantus from a couple of twists.

To show the diversity of our hair and proof that the Going Natural Hair Care products were truly designed for all of our textures and hairstyles, Cherelice and I choose to both do bantus. Just watch the results and tell me if you like it!

Cherilice twisted her hair with the the Going Natural Silky Shea Butter
Preparing for the demonstration. Doesn't her hair look shiny? This is the result of the Going Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter.

Cherelice sharing her experience. Cherilice and her mom very happy with the Going Natural hair Care products

Cherilice Loves the Going Natural Hair Care productsCherilice showing off the result of the Going Natural hair care products

How do you like the result? She looooves it!! Also see Cherelice, 7 Year old Natural Hair Beauty from Suriname takes over Facebook

She proudly posted her pictures on facebook!

We now also offer the Swim Soque. While it's not an under water cap, it does keep your locs, braids or 4C hair together and helps protect your hair while swimming.


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