What is the Magic Dress and how do many ways can you wear it?

What is the Magic Dress and how do many ways can you wear it?

For years, the Moroccan Magic Dress aka the Magic Dress has been one of the top sellers. Once you see one of its videos, you will understand how its versatility has charmed women across the Globe. But what is a Magic Dress? Where did it originate? How many ways can you wear and style it? What is so magical about this dress?


It is a sleeveless two – layered dress with deep pockets. Not only this, the whole dress is handmade, with 5 to 6 yards of high quality pre – crinkled rayon fabric. The 2 – layer bias – cut of this rayon fabric is the secret behind it’s comfort and flow. It usually comes with a sash or belt of the same fabric, that can even be worn as a head wrap. You could even create a new look using your imagination to showcase your originality wherever you go. 

 What is the Magic Dress and how do many ways can you wear it?
he Moroccan Magic Dress comes in different colors. All you have to do is pick your favorite. 

Only two places in the world know about and make this dress and it's not where you might think. No, the inspiration may originate from Morocco but in fact, India and Indonesia are the two places that provide women with the flexibility that comes along with these innovative dresses.


The magic behind the Moroccan Magic Dress is that it can be worn in endles different styles, giving you a fresh look for every occasion. No more worries about wearing the same dress over and over, or the pain of purchasing a new dress each time you have a gathering to attend. Simply change the wearing style, adorn it with a different set of accessories and you are good to go, with a fresh new look! 


There are many different ways to wear a Magic Dress. Some of these are –

  • Wear it as – it – is, ie. Sleeveless with 2 flowing layers;
  • Fold and lay the top layer on both shoulders to give a sleeved look;
  • Lay either one side on top of the shoulder;
  • Bring top layer from one side to the other side, giving it an A – symmetrical look;
  • Bring top layer from one side to the other side from the back;
  • Lay the open top layer on both shoulders to give the look of a shawl from behind;
  • Lay the top layer on your head to give a traditional look;
  • Lay the top layer on shoulders from the front;
  • Tie a knot on the top layer, turning it into a belt;
  • Drape the top layer on your one or both of your wrists for a fashionable look;
  • Use the sash as a head wrap, scarf or a halter top;
  • Create your own style!

Watch 6 styles you can do with the Magic Dress

No matter which way you choose to wear it, the fabric flows elegantly around a woman’s body, giving you that dreamy feel each time you choose to flaunt the dress! If you want to feel fashionable on a budget, this dress offers you the latest trend out there to do so!

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