Why You Need A Scalp Massager

Why You Need A Scalp Massager

Why You Need A Scalp Massager

The scalp is the foundation on which hair grows. It is also the focal point of a lot of activities that have to do with the head and a simple massage can go a long way in revitalizing it. However, rather than use your hands, try a scalp massager. Scalp massagers are becoming increasingly popular with time. These electronic and manual devices have earned so much love from individuals with diverse hair types and styles as they’re known to be very versatile. Scalp massagers AKA massage chairs for your scalp can equally be therapeutic as they help relax some very important muscles and nerves found in the scalp. This piece will highlight more reasons why you need a scalp massager.

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Scalp massager for hair growth

Using a scalp massager aids blood circulation from the roots to the hair cells which lengthen and strengthen the hair follicles. This action consequently makes hair grow faster.

For hair lubrication

Using a scalp massager creates room for the hair’s natural oils to thrive. It, therefore, eliminates the dryness of the scalp which can lead to dry hair. So another reason to try a scalp massager is because of its lubricating stimulating abilities. 

Improves hair thickness and luster

It has been proven that incorporating a scalp massager into your hair care regimen can improve the hair luster. This is because of the nutrients being circulated freely into the hair follicles.

Helps with migraines

Just as you would massage your temples whenever you get a headache, a scalp massager can definitely help relieve you of certain head-related aches. All you need to do is place it around the affected area. 

They are versatile

Asides from the scalp, a scalp massager can be used on other areas of the body including the shoulders and back regions. These are the stress areas of the body and using them reduces one’s stress levels

They are therapeutic

Using a scalp massager is very therapeutic as not only does it relax tight muscles which could cause stress or tension, it equally promotes the secretion of serotonin or ‘feel-good hormones’. Also, it feels pretty sublime when you’re using a scalp massager. 

How to use our scalp massagers

Now you know a handful of the whys, it’s time to explore how one can actually use a scalp massager. Now, firstly if you just got your scalp massager you’ll need to unbox it. Our scalp massager has four massaging heads with 84 nodes that work in clockwise and anticlockwise motions. These four heads are detachable and can be removed for washing. The scalp massager should come with a little memo that explains the basics like speed altering and how to charge. Our scalp massagers are USB charged thus eliminating the need for detachable batteries. Once you’ve figured that out, all you’ll need to do is to set a speed, either low or high, which you’re comfortable with and place it on your hair. You’ll feel the sublimity of the nodes giving you a deep scalp massage. Also your hair doesn’t need to be conditioned or shampooed first and you can use it on different hair textures. Our scalp massagers are very versatile as they work on locs, braids, and natural hair so you don’t need to take down your hairstyle to use it. 

These portable massaging tools are highly functional and worth every penny. They take your hair growth and stress relieving journey to a whole new level. Click to buy the Scalp Massager for Braids, Locs and Naturals.

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