Head to Toe Look: 4 Complementary Items To Shop With Your High Low Dashiki Dress

Head to Toe Look: 4 Complementary Items To Shop With Your High Low Dashiki Dress

For most women, shopping is fun. Of course, picking a new outfit is very exciting especially when you’ve found the right shop that stocks up outfits that suit your style. If you enjoy elegance and love to wear African prints, our Hi-Low African Dashiki Maxi Dress is right up your alley.

However, the hard part is picking accessories that complement the look. There is usually a lot to consider, like the dress's color, pattern, style, etc. For the Hi-Low Dashiki dress, we have made shopping one complete look easier by putting together accessories that you can style with it.

The Hi-Low African Dashiki Dress

This dress is a masterpiece as it portrays a simple and ironically dramatic style at the same. The bright colors and the intricate patterns of the dress make it perfect for social functions and religious ceremonies. This maxi dress will look great on anyone who loves a stylish yet elegant gown for an occasion.  

What to Wear with The High-Low African Dashiki Dress

Here are 4 accessories that will perfectly complement the Hi-Low African Dashiki Maxi Dress and enhance your elegant appearance:

1.    The Pre-wrapped Nigerian-Inspired Gele Headwrap

The pre-wrapped gele is comfy and it’s designed with the graceful twists and steps of Nigerian headwraps. The gele can be paired in different colors to match your bag or footwear. Colors like black, red, and champagne are brilliant combinations for the maxi dress.  This headwrap is a tasteful addition to the dress and will give you an overall exquisite look.

2.     Spherical Shaped Earrings

These sleek earrings will easily create a ravishing appearance for any person. The earrings are gorgeous and perfectly accentuate the intricate patterns on the maxi dress. The cowrie-like cut in the earrings also adds a unique African touch. The spherical shape of the earrings gives a dashing and confident look that will blend into the overall elegance of the dress.

3.    Handmade Cowrie Shell Ring

This cowrie shell ring is a perfect addition to top off the maxi dress outfit. The ornate ring wraps the cowrie around your finger like an elongated ring, which complements the confident look of the spherical-shaped earrings.

Apart from the African touch the cowrie adds, it also displays elegance and sophistication. This beautifully crafted ring will make you look unique and stylish in the dress.

Prewrapped headwrap with African dress

4.    Hair Cuff Golden Wings for Locs, Sisterlocks, Dreadlocks, and Braids

If you are on locs and braids, this golden wings hair cuff is a way to lavish your hairdo to complement your overall look. The wing design of the cuff suits the pattern of the dress gorgeously.

The cuff is stylish and charming as a bracelet also. You can wear the cuff as a bracelet if you prefer to use a headwrap.


Matching the right accessories with the maxi dress is vital to the charm of the dress style. With the right combination of accessories, you can express the style and class of the dress. These earrings, gele headwrap, cowrie shell ring, and golden wing cuff are stylish complementary details. They create a blend of class, beauty, and elegance. You can easily shop this head to toe look at once from the store.

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