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Multi Wear Wrap Skirt Dress with Adinkra symbol

Multi Wear Wrap Skirt Dress with Adinkra symbol

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Finally back in stock! 

This stylish wrap skirt dress will be sure to turn heads and make a bold statement. The vibrant rayon fabric features an iconic Adinkra symbol, adding a unique touch of culture to your wardrobe. The adjustable wrap skirt design provides flexibility to create different styles and accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes. Show your confidence and individuality in this one-of-a-kind look.

This wrap skirt can be worn as a long skirt but also styled as a dress that expresses your unique personality and creativity. Watch the video to see an example. 

The high quality breathable fabric, neat finish and beautiful patterns make it stand out at a party, a night out or a date with the significant other. 

One size fits most: M/L/XL
Length: 39.5 * Waist: 49.5 (Remember you can wrap it) * 
Cold wash - Hang Dry.

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