Golden Wings Hair Cuff for your locs, braids or natural hair.

Giveaway How you can get a Hair Cuff with rhinestones for your locs, braids or natural hair.


We got a most beautiful new collection of hair cuffs and you can be the first one to get one for free! Read on to find out how. Here is just one example of our exclusive Loc Cuffs collection. 

Made from high quality leather and carefully arranged rhinestones this cuff will make you shine even when it's dark. 

Click to buy the Rhinestone Hair Cuff for Locs

No matter your choice, whether you have Sisterlocks, tradional Dreadlocks or natural hair, you just can't go wrong with these sparkling rhinestones. Not only can you wear it as a hair cuff to hold together your ponytail, you can also wear it as a bracelet around your wrist. 

The six inches width makes this Loc Cuff the perfect size to embrace and embellish your ponytail, at the same time. Since this sparkly hair cuff is also super smooth on the inside so you don't have to worry hat it might damage your hair. Last but not least, this hair cuff for locs and natural hair, is super easy to wear.

Just open the cuff up, clip it around your ponytail or puff and viola. You're stylish ponytail of locs or Afro-puff is ready to turn heads.

As a special introduction, this cuff is available for only $24.99, a price down from $29.99 which is quite reasonable, don’t you think. Still, it is understandable that you would want one for free. Who wouldn’t, right? And, everybody loves gifts! So, how can you get one for free?

Get a free hair cuff for locs

Since we need more photos and reals of the collection, we are giving away a cuff or your choice in exchange for photos and reels.

It doesn't matter if you have locs, braids or  are a natural with 4C or 3C coils. If you can make a nice puff or a ponytail and you can't wait to show off our cuffs, you are eligible.

All you have to  is check out our Loc Cuff collection and tell us in the comments  which one you would like to show off and tell us about your hair.

The more you share, the better. Is it the length, the texture, that makes your hair special? How long have you been loced/natural, why you love your hair. You got it right?

If you post the best, most engaging or inspiring words about (y)our hair, you will receive this beauty for free. We will even You only have to cover the shipping cost of $8.05 and we will happily send it off to you.

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Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis

I love all of the cuffs, however, I would love to try the 6 langhua cuff in silver! It is so beautiful and would look really nice on my micro locs( on 4c and 4b hair) I started in March 2022. I am loving this journey. I normally wear protective styles after my retightening while my locs form, but I do take my style down and let my hair go. I do have a lot of shrinkage, however when I bantu knot or braid my hair for it to elongate, my length is past my shoulders. This cuff would allow me to really make beautiful ponytails on top of my head with it showing OR when I just want to pull all of my hair back. I would look like a new person with this cuff with my hair short or long. That is magic of our hair! I tell my bonus daughter that all the time! She is not really loving how thick and beautiful her hair is just yet but I showed her before pictures before my locs, how thick and full my hair is and now she sees me loc’d. Maybe one day showing her the versatility with our hair, she will love her hair and I can buy her a hair cuff or two also! I also wear headwraps on my spiritual fast days or months and I could adorn the wrap with the silver cuff too! So many options!

Jana L Bell
Jana L Bell

I absolutely love the glass beads ponytail holder and would love to be able to showcase it on my hair. I have Sisterlocks, and have been loc’d for almost 2 1/2 years. I am a 2x Breast Cancer Survivor and had lost all of my hair to chemo, but now my hair is shoulder length and thriving. I love my locs! I can honestly say it has been the best hair decision ever! :-)

Asia Jones
Asia Jones

Love the Hip hop

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