Mother's Day Pampering Locs

Mother's Day Giveaway Winner shows off Hairdo, Makeover and African dresses


Mothers are superheroes who need to be showered with love all year round but even more on Mother’s Day, right? This is exactly why three women-owned businesses came together for this year's Mother's Day Giveaway! 

Read about the Mother's Day Giveaway Roll Call

Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon located in Bedstuy Brooklyn, Makeup Artist  Eloria Michelle and Mireille Liong founder of this blog and shop for hair and fashion

The winner would get a free hair care treatment including a hairstyle, a complete makeover and a dress and accessories from the What Naturals Love shop. All you had to do was recommend yourself on someone in a comment on the Mother's Day Giveaway Blog

The winner of the Giveaway
The stories submitted for our Mother’s Day Giveaway were all heartwarming! The love and nurturing that mothers and mother figures give can never be heralded enough, so to those who entered this content, thank you for helping make this Mother's Day extra meaningful. 

Ashley MoguelAshley Moguel Before

The winner came from the Facebook group Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn where she was the first to respond. She also posted a comment on the Mother's Day Giveaway blog.

Ashley is a mother to her three year old son. As a way of giving back to the community, she works with homeless youth motivated by the fact that she used to be one. Inspiring, right? Ontop of that she happened to have starter locs and is part of the Bedstuy Community in Brooklyn, NY.

Hair Pampering at Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon
It was before 9 am on a lovely Sunday when Ashley started to get the full luxury hair experience at Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon. Entrepreneur, Salon owner and a hairstylist of 20 years, Sabine Bellevue herself washed and styled Ashley. 

Ashley gets pampered for Mother's Day at Sabine's Hair Salon
 Ashley gets the full luxury hair pampering experience at Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon

Ashley and Sabine instantly bounded. The winner of the Mother's Day Giveaway got all her questions answered about her starter locs. The connection went beyond hair when they started to talk about homeless youth, the issues they face and the opportunity programs offered. 

Within three hours Hairstylist and certified Sister-Locktitian Sabine washed and styled Ashley's beautiful starter locs. She created a beautiful updo that she also embellished with golden cowrie shells. 

Sabine is not just an amazing stylist. More than anything, her goal is to serve clients the best way to have healthy hair.  

Makeup time!

Sabine was almost done when Makeup Artist Eloria walked in ready to pamper this year's Mother's Day Giveaway winner with a makeup makeover. 

Mother's Day Pampering at Sabine's Natural hair Salong
Sabine and Eloria in action. 

Eloria is a professional who worked with the best of the best and you could instantly notice that. Within an hour Ashly's skin looked flawless while her eyes and lips popped. Just a little powder here and there and miss Ashly was photo shoot ready!

The Look, Hair Makeup and earrings

To compliment the golden cowrie shells in Ashly's beautiful updo, I added a pair of Fulani Earrings from What Naturals Love dot com in the mix. They so perfectly complimented the textured twisted loc updo created by Sabine. Then, after nearly four hours of bounding and pampering miss Ashly was literally ready to get her dress on! 

Fulaini earrings for Mother's Day's shown by Ashley
The Fulani Earrings perfectly complimented the golden cowrie shells in Ashley's updo. Hair by Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon and makeup by Eloria Michelle


Ashly's favorite dresses

Now all the mother of one had to do was to choose her favorite dress. Ashley is a natural. All dresses fitted her just gorgeously so it was very, very hard to make a choice. 

These are only four of the dresses she tried on to give you an idea. Please let us know which one is your favorite.  

Sexy African Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

Sexy African Off Shoulder Maxi Dress.

A favorite of many this off shoulder maxi dress is so well made that it is almost always a perfect fit.  Ashly is a size small but it available in XL as well. Click to buy Sexy African Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

 Bazin Rich African maxi Dress


Bazin Rich African maxi Dress


Rich in color, another dress that will make you stand out by design is this Bazin Rich High Low African Dress. This dress comes in all sizes. From XS to 6X but it is no easy fit. You really need to take your measurements and compare them to the size chart to see if it will fit. Click to buy Bazin Rich African Dress

African Wedding Dress

We only switched up the earrings but this is the same dress, different pattern. The small was a perfect fit for Ashely whose measurements are Bust- 31 in, Waist- 26 in, Hips- 33 in, Dress length- 34. We do have larger sizes. Click to shop Bazin Rich African Dress

Off Shoulder Hi Low African Dress


Off Shoulder Hi-low African Dress


When Ashley saw herself in the mirror with this dress, she yelled wow, I look beautiful! Her face was one and all smiles. 
Off Shoulder Hi-low African Dress
No wonder. Another dress with a nearly perfect fit for literally every body, XS to 6X. The fabric has a little stretch to it which makes it great to accentuate beautiful curves. Click to check it out

The Moroccan Magic Dress

Of course the winner of the Mother's Day challenge had to try the best selling dress as well. The Moroccan Magic Dress is our bestseller for years and Ashley could see why. 


Magic Dress Red sister with locs dreadlocks updo


She instantly loved this Magic Dress. It was definitely a dress she wanted to show off. For those who dare to wear red and love versatility this is the perfect dress. You can wear the Moroccan Magic Dress as many ways as your creativity allows you. For more styles check out the Magic Dress Blog.


Magic Dress Red sister with locs dreadlocks updo


All of us, Sabine, Eloria, Ashley and myself had so much fun doing this giveaway that there will be definitely more of these to follow. If you are interested, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. Sharing also helps spreading awareness.

For now let us know which dress is your favorite and stay tuned for the videos. Happy Mother's Day!




It was a great meeting Ashley. I felt truly inspired by her life story. Being apart of this Mother’s Day giveaway is one of the reasons why I continue to do what I do. I love connecting with amazing people like Ashley. Although, this was supposed to be us pouring into Ashley gave us something special. Hope….that life can be challenging but there is always light at the end of the tunnel if you look for it.
Thank you Ashley!

Thank you Eloria & Mireille 😘

Ashley Moguel
Ashley Moguel

Thank you so much for the opportunity! I felt beautiful and pampered all day. Thank you to all the business who brought this amazing opportunity to Bed-Stuy.

I will be wearing my beautiful dress this Friday !

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