How to use the loc Glove on locs, Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks

How to use the WNL Loc Glove to groom Locs, Sisterlocks and Dreadlocks

The WNL Loc Glove is quickly becoming the most popular grooming tool for all types of locs. Whether you rock traditional Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks or Micro locs, the WNL Loc Glove is the most useful tool you will ever find to care for your hair.

Loc Glove for Locs, Sisterlocks, Dreadlocs Microlocs

So, what is the WNL Loc Glove?

The WNL Loc Glove is a special designed easy to use anti-static glove that doesn't only bring out the shine in your locs, it also helps you to keep your locs lint free, odor free, frizz free, extracts buildup and cuts the drying time in half.

What is the WNL Loc Glove Made of?

The WNL Loc Glove made of anti-static, top quality, super soft microfiber that traps pollutants, odors, pet hair, allergens and also absorbs 5 times its weight in water. 

Is the WNL Loc Glove infused with a product?

No it isn't. The material is lint-free, anti-static and odor free. The WNL Loc Glove brings out the shine because it traps whatever makes your hair look dull.

How should I you use the WNL Loc Glove to groom my locs?

Easy. It fits like a glove so just wear the WNL Loc Glove on your hand, either one, and stroke your hands through your locs as if you are brushing your hair with your fingers. 

How do I use the WNL Loc Glove to dry my hair?

Wear the glove on either hand then pull your hand through your locs. The glove will absorb water out of your locs like a magnet.

When the glove gets heavy and is saturated with water just take it off, wring it out then repeat.   

How do I use the WNL Loc Glove to clean my scalp?

Wear the glove on either hand then use your fingers to walk trhough the parts or massage your scalp. The WNL Loc Glove will trap pollutants, odors, pet hair and allergens.

Can I use the WNL Loc Glove to moisturize my hair?

Yes, you can. Simply wet the glove or any product you like then pull your hands with the loc glove on through your hair. The water or product will be evenly distributed to your hair. 

How often can I use the WNL Loc Glove?

You can use the WNL Loc Glove as often as you like. Daily use is fine. Weekly use is fine as well.

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How does the WNL Loc Glove Work?

While "brushing your hair" with your hands while wearing the WNL Loc Glove it traps pollutants, odors, pet hair, allergens as well as buildup out of your hair.

When you use it on wet hair, it absorbs water out of your hair. 

How to care for the WNL Loc Glove

  • Wash or ate least rinse the WNL Loc Glove after every use.
  • Make sure the glove dries completely in between uses.  
  • Do not use fabric softener, it will stay trapped and makes the glove less effective.

Can I use the WNL Loc Glove on my Natural Hair?

Yes, you sure can! You will find that the WNL Loc Glove keeps your curls defined after a wash or adding products to your hair, no matter the size of your coils. 

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