Pat`s Loc Journey: Celebrating Diversity in Natural Hair

Pat`s Loc Journey: Celebrating Diversity in Natural Hair

For Pat, the decision to start locking was deeply personal. She had admired the beauty of locs on other black women and yearned for a natural hairstyle that resonated with her identity.

With a genuine love for "nappy" hair, she embarked on her locs journey, eager to express herself authentically. It was a choice that symbolized her embrace of individuality and her desire to reclaim beauty standards on her own terms.

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Like any transformative journey, Pat's lock experience had its challenges. She recalls the initial stages as the toughest part, where the thinness of her locks made them prone to popping. Yet, these obstacles didn't deter her, and she shared that beyond the initial hurdles, her lock journey has been relatively smooth.

 Yet, amidst the challenges, the best part of her lock journey emerged—the freedom to wear her locks every single day. Pat radiates confidence and self-assurance, embracing her unique beauty with every stride.

Her locs have become an extension of her identity, a crown she wears proudly, and a testament to the beauty of diversity in natural hair.

In discussing her natural hair journey, Pat shares that she had always been raised to conform to mainstream beauty standards. Like many black individuals, she endured the harsh chemicals and treatments aimed at achieving straight hair. However, she became more aware of herself and the world around her.


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The impact of Pat's journey extends beyond herself. As she looks around her community in Brooklyn, she sees a diverse tapestry of beautiful men and women with locks. It fills her with joy and pride to witness her community embracing their natural hair, challenging stereotypes and celebrating their individuality.

This sense of empowerment and unity spreads beyond geographical boundaries, as Pat has traveled the world and witnessed the beauty of locks in various cultures.

Pat acknowledges and celebrates the beauty of diversity  and the freedom to wear our locks with pride.

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