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3 Years of my Braidlocs Journey in Pictures

SharIn 2013, I started my Micro locs with Braids. After going natural, publishing Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Nappy hair and maintaining two websites and webstores, it was time for a change.
Honestly, I thought I would never loc my hair. Not that I didn't like locs. I just thought it wasn't for me because:
  1. The Afro is and will always be my all time favorite hairstyle and I didn't know if I could part with it. 
  2. Locs, no matter what type, traditional locs, micro locs or Sisterlocks, require regular maintenance. Not only was I not used to going to a salon regularly, I wasn't sure if I wanted to depend on stylists again which brings me to the next point. 
  3. Maybe still traumatized from the relaxer experience and being let down by a braider one time too many, I know that as a backup you need to know how to do your own hair. 

I have given up on the last one though. I can't interlock my own hair to save my life and I think I came to peace with it. The pandemic taught me the value of a great loctitian even more. 

Seven years later, I am still enjoying the process. These are pictures from the first two years. Hopefully you can learn from my journey. Feel free to take a look at my pictures and see what products I recommend for each phase. 
Check out the Locs & Stuff collection for the products I use and recommend. Sharing is appreciated. 


  • I don’t have a salon but I can recommend Sabine’s Hallway in Brooklyn or The Wovenwool. That is where I do my hair.

    Mireille Liong on
  • Hello my name is Ngozi I love natural/ locks hair but not sure which locks to start with can you please advise? Secondly I live in the US do you have any salon you can introduce me to. Your hair looks wonderful I love it

    Ngozi on
  • Thank you. Here is a link to the products I use:

    Mireille Liong on
  • Your locs are beautiful 🤩
    I’m just starting my loc journey and would love to know what products you ise

    Tonie Mcnair on

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