The Difference between Sisterlocks and Micro locs explained

The Difference between Sisterlocks and Micro locs explained

Micro locs vs Sisterlocks. I, on the right have Micro Locs started with braids, Braidlocs. Yvonne on the left has Sisterlocks, started and maintained by a certified Sisterlocktitian.

At a glance it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between Micro Locs and Sisterlocks. Even a closer look won’t necessarily tell you the difference because once natural hair is matured and loced, the matted hair strands look the same.

I have micro locs that started with braids so the official name is Braid Locs. My Braidlocs are mistaken for Sisterlocks all the time, even by certified Sisterloctitians. It might be because even though I started with braids, my locs have always been retightened by a certified Sisterlocktitian.

So, to help you understand the difference. if you ever have to make a choice, I like to explain differences between Micro locs and Sisterlocks.

There are five key differences between Micro Locs and Sisterlocks: the installation, the grid, the start technique, the maintenance technique and the price.

  1. The installation
    Sisterlocks are trademarked and can only be installed by a certified Sisterlocks consultant or trainee. So, if you really want Sisterlocks make sure your loctition is certified. You can check that on the Sisterlocks Website. There are more than a few people out there who claim to do these but are not certified. 

    Micro locs can be started with braids or twists so they can be installed by anyone who knows how to braid or twist hair. You can do your hair yourself or go to a salon to have your hair braided or twisted. 

  2. The Grid
    Since locs the grid determines the look of the future locs, the grid is very important. Sisterlocks have a meticulous grid that takes your texture and density of your hair into account to create locs that are uniform in size and shape. 

    When you start Micro Locs you can also start with a grid that is perfect for you it just won’t be as meticulous as that of a trained Sisterlocks consultant.

    Sisterlocks MatureMicro Locs - Braidlocs

    Yvonne's Sisterlocks are a bit smaller. She has about 100 more locs than me. Here is a link to the loc products I use.

  3. The Start Technique
    Unlike most braiding techniques a consultant will start at the end of your strands and work her way up with a tool to create a Sisterlock in your hair. The technique is comparable to crocheting and it will allow your strands to stay together as one loc from the very start. 

    Braidlocs simply start with braiding the hair as usual. There is no tool needed nor a special technique. Braids also keep your strands together very well.

  4. The Maintenance technique
    A rotation is really the way locs are maintained. It is basically attaching the new hair growth to the rest of the loc. A Sisterlocks rotation depends on the texture of one’s hair as well as the density. 

    Although Braidlocs can be maintained with a Sisterlocks rotation they are usually maintained by interlocking which is also a kind of a rotation. 

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  5. The price
    As they often take more than one day to install, Sisterlocks are pricey. You really pay for the expertise and time of the consultant. So the longer the hair, the thinner your locs, the more hours it takes and the more you will pay. 

Since Braidlocs are not trademarked you can maintain your locs yourself, have them interlocked or go to a Sisterlocks consultant. 

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Now I get it, thanks for that very detailed explanation.


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