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5 Things You Would Never Do to Your Locs


A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the 5 things I would not do to my locs. At the same time, I also posted the question in a couple of loc groups on facebook. This list might be different but it is at least as valuable. Especially for those with starter locs or those who contemplate locing. So, here they are.

Five more things you should never do to your locs:

1.    Use Petroleum Products

In my previous update, I cautioned against applying oil and hair products for locs while it’s still wet. However, do you know what you should never subject your wet or dry locs to? The answer to that, sisters, is petroleum products. 

If the locking process locks your hair, petroleum unlocks it. It makes your locs fall apart, reversing months of hard work and patience. In any case, it’s better to steer clear of hair wax and greasy products with petroleum as the primary ingredient for their buildup potential alone.

2.    Tight Styling

Hairstyles that strain your roots are likely to result in thinning locs, receding hairline, or traction alopecia. Tight and intricate hairstyles may look pretty, but they add unnecessary tension to your hair, leading to permanently bald edges.

Think long-term when twisting your locs—a receding hairline is not worth a long-lasting hairstyle.


3.    Put Your Head on Cotton Surfaces

Cotton sheets are a major faux pas for all hair, not just locs. The constant friction between the fabric and locs will make the latter dry and frizzy.

Don’t lose your locs to something as avoidable as harsh fabric. Invest in a 100% silk pillow case. It's only $29.99 and it lasts for years! If you can’t replace your bedding, put your locs under a 100% silk bonnet to keep your locs from drying out and preserve your scalp’s natural oils. You can also choose a satin bonnet large or small

Pure silk pillowcase for better hair, skin and sleep

4.    Wing a Hair Dye Treatment

If you aren’t a hairstylist with training in coloring locs and decide to DIY anyway, you might end up making the following errors:

  • Overprocess your locs.
  • Use box colors.
  • Uneven dye application.

By taking a chance on coloring your locs, you might keep the developer in longer than necessary, end up with a different color than the one advertised on the box, or overprocess your roots by the time you reach your tips. Your locs deserve better!

5.    Let an Amateur Lock Your Hair

Loc installation is a family tradition for many African Americans. You might have an aunt in your family or a friend’s family known for their loc installation prowess—the only problem: they aren’t professionals.

If things go wrong, you’ll have spent more on installing and correcting locs than installing them at a professional establishment. Once you’ve bought your loc extensions at What Naturals Love, visit someone with professional training in locking hair. Learn from my mistakes or correct them while you’re still ahead.

Abandon the above habits and invest in loc bombs, hair serum, and non-damaging hair ties for locs, among other products for your micro locs.

Get in touch for further assistance.

This was the top 5 list from the members of the Sisterlocks Group on Facebook. Also read 5 Things I'd never do to my locs.


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You are welcome Virta. Best wishes. I hope you get to walk soon and that your hair stops breaking.


I’m in a nursing home in bed can’t walk yet I twist my own hair when I get a chance very dry scalp I lay on a cotton pillowcase didn’t know until now that that was drying out my hair I’m going to buy your satin pillow cases I don’t have no satin cap I learned something tonight I’m going to buy some of your pillowcases tired of my hair breaking out thank you for your help be blessed stay safe 🦋

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