Loc Lessons Learned from 480 Facebook group members with Locs, Sisterlocks and traditional Dreadlocks

Loc Lessons Learned from 480 Facebook group members with Locs, Sisterlocks and traditional Dreadlocks

Have you ever thought about what you would do differently if you had the opportunity to start a new set of locs? This is a question asked by Bridgette T Lavinier member of the Facebook group LocLivin with 25.3K members. 

A great question answered by more than 480 members gives great insight for people who contemplate locs but also for people who already have locs. 

Men and women with all kinds of locs shared their experience. Although the women outnumber the men, most of the men also shared their experience and contributed to the discussion. The members of this group have a wide array of loc types. There are over 350 people in the group and this provides a solid foundation for discussion. If you'd like to know the top 5 lessons they learned, keep reading.

  • SIZE - Quite a number of people mentioned they wished they had gotten a different size of locs. Some people with sister locs which are very tiny said they wished they had gotten bigger locs. This does not imply that sister locs are bad, they are actually quite stylish and even removable within the first six months of development. So if you're unsure about your choice, try it out for a month or two.
  • Bigger locs like traditional locs also have their benefits. They tend to be easier to style. They are easier to maintain. During maintenance, you have to make sure each loc is given the same amount of attention. Without professional help, it may be difficult to reach smaller locs especially those in the center of your head. Bigger locs are easier to reach, distinguish and they take less time to moisturize and maintain. It is important to mention that some locers complained that bigger locs make it difficult to lay on your back. Whatever size you choose, it is important to do as much research as possible and pick the size best suited for you. 

Long Sisterlocks Micro Locs Mireille Liong Loc bombs

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  • GRIDS AND OTHER PARTING STYLES - Parting styles are simply how the hair is divided. Even and uniform parting will make your locs look wonderful no matter how they are styled. They also look much neater and cared for. There are different types of parting such as grids which is a square-shaped parting style. We also have the diamond parts and the triangle parts. Most locers mentioned the necessity of a parting style in order to improve the look of locs. Before twisting your locs, it is vital to have some reference photos and do some research on the parting style best suited for you.

  • DYEING - Most locers agreed that dyeing your hair before getting locs is the best option. Dyeing your hair after getting locs will make the dye-job patchy and uneven. If you want colored locs, decide on the color before getting the locs and visit a professional to get your hair colored/dyed. Colored locs are a great way to spice up your look.

  • FIND A GOOD LOCITICIAN - Many locers emphasized the importance of a great foundation and maintenance for locs. You will occasionally retwist your locs however it is important to make sure the foundation is solid and great. The best way to ensure this happens is to get a professional locitician to twist the original locs. If you don't know where to find a good locitician, ask around, ask people with locs you like. Word of mouth is very important in this search. If you know a good loctitian, please let us know in the comments.

  • PRODUCTS - It is advisable to stick to the same set of products through your locs journey. For products, less is more. Products such as conditioners can result in mildew and buildup. Water-based products are the best for loc maintenance. The wrong product can stunt the growth of your hair, dry out your scalp and in the worst-case scenario lead to hair loss. If you are confused about which products to buy, try out these two products which are tested and loved by many locers. The Hair Tea and Roller Braid are natural and effective.

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