5 products you need to grow healthy locs

5 Essential Products for a Fresh Start to Grow Healthy Locs

While locs are quite low maintenance, growing long healthy locs does not only require patience and time but also a good solid hair care regimen. To keep your locs thriving and healthy consistent good care for your locks is absolutely essential.

Whether you are just getting started or years into your loc journey, using the right product has a great impact on the look, manageability, and growth of your locs. So, here are five essential products we recommend to grow healthy locs this year.

WNL Organic Shampoo Bombs
Washing hair is a basic need in every hair care routine. Follicles can only flourish on a clean scalp and healthy strands can only shine when they are clean, free from products that leave buildup and make locs look dry and dull.

With locs, whether you have traditional Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks or micro locs, it is essential to use a product that deeply cleanses your hair without drying out.  This is exactly why we recommend the WNL Organic shampoo bomb.

Made with Epsom Salt the WNL Organic Shampoo bombs does not only deep clean your locs and scalp, they also soften strands and add shine. 

No matter your favorite scent, whether it be lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus or lavender, the organic essential oils added will make your locs smell like the bomb! Click to buy the WNL Organic Shampoo Bombs.

Loc bombs for Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks, Micro Locs


WNL Hair Growth Tea
Since our scalp is constantly exposed to the outside world, it is essential to have a regimen that takes care of your scalp's needs. The WNL Hair Growth Tea literally feeds your follicles with essential minerals and vitamins your hair needs to grow while keeping the scalp moisturized and protected.

Made of organic herbs, the WNL Hair Growth Tea is live food for the follicles that is as easy to make as it is to make a cup of tea. Spraying the WNL Hair Growth Tea on your scalp will feel super refreshing and it won't leave any buildup. Try it. I am sure you will love it. Click to get the WNL Hair Growth Tea.

 WNL Hair Growth Tea

Roller Braid
The new Roller Braid is revolutionary in every way. Not only does this roller braid allow you to moisturize hard to get spots on your scalp easily, the steel roller ball conveniently massages the hyaluronic hair serum straight on your scalp. This doesn't only stimulate the follicles it also reliefs tension on your scalp and relaxes your body from head to toe. It literally offers massage therapy. Here is where you can get the WNL Roller Braid.

WNL Roller Braid for Locs, Braids, Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks

WNL Loc Glove
Another item we totally recommend is the WNL Loc Glove, great for everyday grooming of your locs. The super soft microfiber glove helps minimize frizz while preventing dust and pollution to settle in your locs.

Another great advantage is that the fibers also absorb odors. So if you have been around smokers or hung around in a aromatic kitchen, all you need to do is run the glove through your locs to remove the odor and refresh them. It is a must-have for all loccers. Click to buy the WNL Loc Glove 

Loc Glove for Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks and Braids

Super Comfi Satin Bonnet
Last but not least, is a bonnet to keep your locs protected at night. A regular cotton pillowcase will draw moisture out of your locs and may even cause your locs to attract lint while you get your eight hours of beauty sleep. A good bonnet will help prevent this from happening.

Our super Comfi Satin Bonnet doesn't just protect your locs. No, this silky soft hair tie protects your hair in style!

Just putting it on also makes you feel special and you will feel beautiful even while you are sleeping. No elastic band that puts pressure on your temples and makes it look like a glamorized shower cap. This satin bonnet makes you feel like a queen who is ready for bed without any concessions to her beauty. Click to buy the Satin Bonnet for Locs.

 Satin bonnet for Locs, Braids, Dreadlocks

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