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The best Ponytail Holders I've ever found

You may not have given it a lot of thought but finding something to hold your hair nicely together in a ponytail turns out to be super important. We are so used to scrunchies, rubber bands and stretchy ponytail holders that it never crosses our mind that there could be another way. Maybe an even better way. Now I am happy to tell you, yes there is!

I randomly found this Ponytail Wrap and just had to share.

This ponytail wrap is the perfect tool to hold your hair nicely together no matter if you have locs, braids, natural or even straight hair. It is perfect because it is non damaging, it holds without ever being too tight and it is super easy to use. 

Even with the stretchy ponytail holders you need to pull your hair through it at least once, then it might not be at the right place, too tight or too loose. None of that is an issue with this ponytail wrap. You can mold the ponytail wrap in the process for the perfect fit. 

This ponytail holder is nice, smooth and bendable so you can easily wrap it around your ponytail, thick or thin. Did I mention that it looks stylish and just adds another dimension to your ponytail. 


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These wonderful ponytail wraps are on sale now. Get one as a gift for your partner, bestie, brother, sister or whoever you love because the more you buy the bigger the discount. 

We got five colors in store, white, red, coffee, grey, khaki and coffee.I recommend you buy at least two different colors so you can match your ponytail wrap with several of your outfits.

You can also wrap two or more along your whole ponytail. That looks great too! Just be creative and enjoy. The ponytail wrap is eager to you at your service! 

Click to get one of your own. Ponytail Wrap.  

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