best selling headwraps and pre-tied turbans for Locs, Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks and antural hair

Bestselling Headwraps And Turbans of 2022: Which One Is Your Favorite?

Headwraps and turbans are much more than head coverings. They are stylish and elegant accessories that complement your outfit. Besides, they keep your hair moisturized and prevent breakage. 

Women’s fashion has adopted the use of turbans and headwraps for years. And because there are several types and styles, choosing one may be difficult. Fortunately, we have made this easy. We discuss the best-selling headwraps and turbans for this year, and you can make a choice or just purchase all. After all, fashion has no limit. 

2022 Bestselling Headwraps and Turbans

Take a look at these 4 headwraps and turbans that are some of our best sellers:

Handmade pre-tied turban 

  • Handmade Pre-tied Turban

  • With its pleats and twists, the handmade pre-tied turban makes it to our list of bestselling headwraps. This turban is made from polyester material, making it resistant to creases and wrinkles. In addition, it is durable, lightweight, and flexible.

    Because the headwrap is pre-tied, you don’t have to worry about spending extra time styling it. The African headtie dramatically highlights your face and is ideal for your traditional occasion, giving you an exquisite look.

    The pre-tied turban comes in one size that suits everyone. Additionally, because it is available in over 20 colors, there is always one that matches your clothes, shoes, and bags. 

    Multi-wear headwrap scarf with stone jewelry

  • Multi-Wear Headwrap Scarf with Stone Jewelry

  • The multi-wear headwrap scarf with stone jewelry is a breathable and super lightweight headwrap. Made from cotton, you won’t even feel like the headwrap around your head. In addition, the headwrap scarf is embellished with stone jewelry to give your outfit a classy and royal look.

    You can style this headwrap scarf in several ways. For instance, you can use it as a headband or wrap with a mask, a necklace scarf, or simply as a head wrap. Regardless of how you style the head wrap, you are assured of a sophisticated and elegant look.

    The multi-wear headwrap scarf comes in a size that fits all and is also available in colors that will suit your outfit’s color palette

  • Prewrapped Flower Turban

  • The prewrapped flower turban has a warp knit with an elegant flower accentuating your face. Made from stretchy material, this turban fits anyone. Moreover, you can use this turban even if you have a bad hair day.

    The prewrapped flower turban looks classy; with the pan flower, you can look regal, exquisite, and charming. Furthermore, the turban is easy to wear and comes in several bright, cool, and neutral colors to suit your tastes. 

  • Prewrapped Nigerian-Inspired Gele Headwrap 

  • When going to a party, finding someone to tie your or even tying it yourself can be a hassle. But with the prewrapped Nigerian-inspired gele headwrap, you are good to go. Just wear it to complement your outfit.

    The gele headwrap is elegant and sophisticated yet breathable. You can use this gele for your traditional occasions and stand out. In addition, it comes in colors that will match any outfit

    Pre-tied Nigerian-inspired gele headwrap


    Headwraps are here to stay. They present a unique style that gives your outfit wholeness from a regal theme. Moreover, they are available in several colors and are easy to style. You just have to wear your headwrap, and you are good to go.


    Colorful Pretied Headwrap


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