Easy Clean Sponge to remove sticky burnt grease from posts, pans woks and BBQ.

The Easy Clean Sponge got my nasty my air fryer inner pot shiny again

Before finding this sponge, I had already thrown out a few pans because I couldn’t get them to look decent anymore. When the baking soda/ACV hack didn’t work, I just threw them out.

You want to see proof? Watch this. 

However, this was not something I could do with the inner pot of my air fryer. It is an essential part that I use every day. My bread, my cashews, my yucca fries, plantains, lamb, fish, you name it there is always something that needs to be air fried.  

Then the high temperatures of an air fryer make sure that whatever food is spilled will stick to the inner pot on another level. Once sticked it is really hard to remove also because you don’t want to damage the pot.

Even after soaking it in boiling hot water with baking soda/acv/dawn rinse, then scrubbing it with a sponge the sticky stuff didn’t come off.

I was about to try this Tiktok hack when I found out that using your air fryer to clean itself by turning it on with water and soap in it, is not the way. It can short circuit your air fryer.

Then I saw this Easy to Clean Sponge and thought why not give it a try. I was flabbergasted!

The basket was much, much more stained than you see. I only started taping when I the sticky mess came off so easily.

As you can see, my pot looks decent again and it is not scratched or damaged.

So, I had to share. For everyone who was at their wit’s end trying to get their air fryer, pots, pans or oven clean from greasy grimy stuff or burnt food, try this. I guarantee you; it works! With or without dishwashing liquid and without a lot of pressure everything will look like new.

The easy clean sponge also easily removes rust from BBQs, those old steel machetes, woks and butcher knifes.

You got nothing to lose. It’s can get 3 for only $9.99 and they go a long way.  

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