Solution for dry locs and dry Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks

I have extra extra dry skin I’m in the process of changing my diet. Can you recommend some products.

This question came from one of our readers in the form of a comment on the blog about Barrel Roll Locs. Of course, I can. And, as someone who also had extra extra dry hair to the point that my locs were breaking, I am actually very happy to answer.

Dry skin, dry locs, dry scalp

Although I am not a dietician, it is common knowledge that drinking water is the key to better hydrated skin. So, changing your diet and drinking the right amount of water, is a great start. 

A dry scalp is often itchy and dry locs are prone to breakage. I know this because at one point my hair was so dry that my locs were breaking in half. Needless to say that it was horrifying. 

Oils were no solution either. I gave up using oils when I was a natural head because oils would just sit on top of my strands. Things haven't changed now that I am loced but I also avoid using oils to prevent buildup. Oils easily attract pollutants and once trapped in the locs, it is very hard to remove. 

So, what to do with dry breaking locs? Luckily I found these Loc Bombs. Organic and handmade with Epsom salt and essential oils that don't only hydrate hair but also the scalp. 

After only one wash, I instantly felt and saw the difference. For the first time in a long while my hair was pliable. So, if I had to recommend only one product it would be either one of the Organic Loc Bombs. 

There is another product I would recommend though and that is the roller braid. Just rolling it on your scalp massages the hyaluronic serum on your scalp. This doesn't just feels great on the scalp, it makes a world of difference. The difference that the roller braid made is that I wouldn't hear my hair snapping when getting a retie. That is priceless!

If you have questions about your locs or locs in general, please leave them in the comments. 

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