Homage to the #loctitians, #naturalhairstylist...

Homage to the #loctitians, #naturalhairstylist...

360 view of Braidlocs updo natural hairstyle
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Products used: Shampoo bomb, Loc Cleansing Sponge, Tineke's Healthy Hair Growth Spray.

Homage to the #loctitians, #naturalhairstylist and #braiders who kept our #blackfollicles happy, healthy and stylish long before #naturalhair became an online sensation.

Without them, I am not sure I would have any hair left. This #braidlocs #naturalhairstyle was created by @stylemiket Not only do I love my new #locedstyle, I sooooo enjoyed his #service.

As a tender head who starts to make faces even if her #womenwithlocs are pulled just a little tiny bit, I could just relax and let him do his thing. #Naturalilstas out there whether you have #dreadlocks, a short or huge #4Cnatural, just go to a #naturalhairsalon and get yourself a style at least once a year.

Go without a style in mind. Just let a stylist's creative juices flow! Don't be afraid of the result. The best thing about natural hair: It's the only hair type where you can get a dramatic different look without cutting, coloring or even adding extensions! The worst that can happen: you'll have to take it out. #Africanstrands are made for ART. You know our hair defies gravity. Our follicles grow up for a reason.

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