How to wrap the Jewelry scarf as a headwrap and mask

How to wrap the Magic Scarf to make it a Headwrap Mask

One look at this jewelry scarf will tell you that it is not just any scarf. It is not just beautiful, it is magical.

Even if you do wear it around the neck as a scarf the 106*23 inch breathable fabric adorned with colorful jewelry stones, will mesmerize anyone who lays eyes on it.  

Our jewelry scarf adds color to any outfit but that is far from all. You can do so much more with this gorgeous shawl. Not only can you wear it in different ways as a scarf, you can wear it as a headband, a headwrap, a mask as well as a combination of both.

You don't even need to be super skillful. If you know how to wrap a scarf around your neck, you can easily learn how to wrap the Jewelry Scarf as a headwrap or a mask. The mask is extra handy as we enter flu season. What better way to mask up then do so elegantly.

To get you started here are a few videos with instructions to give you ideas how you can wrap the jewelry scarf and get the most out of your purchase. 

Headwrap Mask

From your responses we understand that this is your favorite way to wear the scarf. So here is the instructional video. Extra instructions below.  

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  • Start with wrapping the scarf around your head.
  • Cross the tails in the back then bring the ends to the front.
  • Start with the side without the jewelry stones and make sure to neaten it up. It will be bulky otherwise. 
  • Now wrap this end around your face, make sure to cover your mouth and nose then continue to wrap the rest of the scarf around the head then hold it with one hand in the back. 
  • Next take the other end of the jewelry scarf with the jewels and wrap it around your head. Make sure the stones are on top. 
  • Continue wrapping to the back covers the other end that you held. 
  • When you are at the end tuck it in and neaten up.

You can easily take off the mask if you need a breather. The jewelry scarf is available in six colors. Click to buy the Magic Scarf.

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