The Crown Act - John Oliver

John Oliver about Black Hair Discrimination and the Crown Act

Starting with the history of how African coils were perceived after they had been shaved off to deprive Black people of their culture is so on point. 

Although Black hair discrimination is real and everything but funny, John Oliver is hilariously on point in his episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO). Black hair and Black hairstyles are indeed yet another pretext for discrimination and I am clearly not the only one who is happy that he wants to talk about it. 

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Then it is so sad to see that despite the natural hair movement, 80 percent of Black women still believe that they need to change their hair from its natural state to fit into the workplace.

Most of the hair raising incidents that made the headlines were known to me but it was a first to see a news anchor outs a Black colleague about wearing a weave live on TV when she wasn't wearing one. That was funny. Even better, it seemed both anchors used it as a teaching moment. 

I love how John Oliver touches on nearly every aspect of Black hair and backing it up with photos or little clips. From the appropriation of Black hair to the Crown Act that makes a White politician who voted against the bill so uncomfortable that he contradicts himself is not that funny. However, the face of the bills advocate in that zoom meeting is honestly hilarious.

The nearly 25 minute video is full of painful and funny moments. From our concern about our edges to some of us protecting our ears while getting our hair straightened. Relatable parts that make us smile.

So please watch it yourself if you haven't started already and let me know what jumps out for you. 

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