Moroccan Magic Dress pink Halter top Style

Moroccan Magic Dress Halter top Style

Moroccan Magic Dress pink Halter top Style
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As you know by now the Original Moroccan Magic Dress is not just a one of a kind dress. It is the dress that magically keeps giving.

This two layer fabulous dress is designed for you to have fun with multi-wear options that are only limited to your imagination. To inspire you we got another style you can try but before we do, I like to share to this magically funny story. 

One of our customers posted that she wore the dress to a party, flaunting it one way when she came in then went to the bathroom after a few hours only to come out flaunting the Moroccan Magic dress a whole different way.

She got the people stunned! The response was amazing. Did you change? Are you wearing another dress? Wow, one beautiful dress after another. 

So, if you have the guts here is a little bit of inspiration to pull this off. Another super easy to do style that will give you a whole different flattering head-turning look to steal the spotlight.

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Simply said, you use the sash the dress comes with, pull it through the holes then tie it around your neck. Easy so it naturally falls flattering around your body.

Although it is demonstrated with the Moroccan Magic Dress without sleeves, you can also create this look with the Moroccan Magic Dress with Sleeves and the Moroccan Magic Dress with fringe.

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