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Black weaves at the pool

Black women with weaves at the pool
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You know you got to be very careful if you want to take a swipe at Black women and even more so if you want to talk about their hair. In this Social Media era you can instantly become a persona non grata which is devastating for anybody but especially if you are on a path to fame for jokes. If you know how to relate though and strike the right tone, it can sky rocket your profile as with this hilarious clip that was shared in one of my hair groups.

After only 11 hours of posting this clip Comedian Notkarlton Banks doubled the number of likes with his video of profiling Black women at the pool.
In this 40 second clip he shows us how women wearing weaves act at a pool when they don't want their hair to get wet. The more than 31K likes, 5.9K comments and 13K shares show that for some reason, even I as a loced head, can relate.
The comments only add to the fun describing the types showcased in the clip. Read and laugh yourself.

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Facebook Comments Black women at the pool

Facebook Comments Black women at the pool

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