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Loc-Debate: You started your son's locs but his dad doesn't approve.

Boy with starter locs started a debate
Photo from the poster of the Facebook group Locks and Loving it

A new, unique hairstyle is fun. But as a kid, the tension with peers, parents, and the community can be overwhelming, especially when it's about locs. A facebook post with more than 1k reactions and 554 comments sparked this interesting debate.

Here is the post that started the debate in the facebook group Locked and Loving it :

‘I recently made my son’s hair and now his paternal grandma and dad insist that they’ll disown him unless I wash it out. My son loves his hair but to them, it’s ghetto and stigma against black men’.
Now, have you or your loved one found yourself in such a tight corner. You love your husband and want to stick by him and his family. On the other hand, your son loves his new look and wouldn’t give it up for anything.
How do you go about this? Give in to the pressure or stand by what your son loves?

Every Child Has a Right to His Opinion About His Appearance
Unlike in the past when boys weren’t allowed to make their hair, times have changed! While some will give up at the slightest resistance, others will hold on to their strong opinion about their new hairstyle.

For some, looking like mummy is cool. Others want to look like their favorite celeb. And for others, they need a new look out of their imagination!

With the new hairstyle, people that still hold on to traditions will be judgmental. Others will choose to disassociate with the child until he gets back to the norm.

Still, some people will support the child without any reservations.

Now to the Real Issue…Are Dreadlocks Culturally Appropriate?

Though dreadlocks hairstyle has been around for over a thousand years, some people still stereotype this idea. For some this is a hairstyle only fit for Rastafarians and people that are oppressed or have loose morals.
But is this really the case?

The answer is NO!

Dreadlocks are among the best hairstyles whether you are black or while, rich or poor. And in this modern time, you can wear them long, short, style them loosely, or hold them tight and still look beautiful.

A kid may choose to lock his hair out of admiring other kids with similar hairstyle or the parent or guardian. But regardless of the reason behind it, we should learn to embrace their choices and support their preferred choices.
Of course with an exception of when their choices will bring them harm!

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Some of the responses showed that this debate is not unique: 

Black boys with locs, a debate in the Black community

Just Like Adults, Boys are People

In the same way you choose to keep your hair long and another person goes for short hair, boys too have rights. Whether they choose to make their hair like their moms or go for how the dad looks, they deserve our support.

Remember when you were a kid…

Is there something you really wanted to do and your parents threatened to disown you if you do it?

Maybe you wanted a different career path but your parents decided otherwise because they were paying your fees?

You wanted a particular trendy dress but your parents thought it is indecent and you hated them for that?

Would you want your child to carry that same burden and hatred into adulthood?

Well, as the parent or guardian, you have a responsibility to guide your child to the right path. But for the little things like the hairstyle, allowing them to make decisions is priceless.

Remember, it is the little things that will give your child the confidence to make important decisions and stand by them.

What is your opinion? What if the father of your son does not want his son to loc his hair when you as a mom just started them? Please share.

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