Key things about Growing locs that Nobody ever told you

Key things about Growing locs that Nobody ever told you

Although I did my research, my seven plus years journey taught me so much more about locs than I ever imagined. Not only does the experience of going through the loc stages itself allows you to experience new stuff, things also change and evolve.

When I went natural back in the 2000's there was not as much available as there is now. Whether you talk about products or knowledge. It's like that with locs.

New techniques, new ways of locing, new products, the loc world is alive and thriving, so, we better keep on learning. 

Whether you just start locking, contemplate locking or already a few years into your loc journey, check out these key things that up until now no one has probably ever told you. 

Avoid Getting Your Hair Done Just Before or While On Your Period

This one should actually be no surprise. Even during the perming days word was not to get your hair done during your period. It is no different when you're loced. 

It is one of the first things I have learned the hard way and the explanation is pretty simple. Your senses are extra heightened, meaning the skin is more sensitive during that time. Gynecologists say that your body is in an inflammatory state during menstruation and that the skin may be more tender than usual. So, especially If you are tender headedyou might want to wait until your period has ended 

Avoid Retying On The Same Day You Washed Your Hair

The next lesson is actually from a Sisterlocks group on Facebook. It seems to be fairly new. Some Sisterlocktitians don't know about it but it goes around on the boards: Don't wash your hair on the same day that you're going to get a retie.

Getting a retie when your hair is wet after washing isn't just more painful, it also adds pressure to your roots. Here is why. When our hair dries it naturally shrinks to go back to its natural state. However, when it is retied it is captured and has a hard time going back to it's natural state.   

It's comparable to adding extensions to hair that has just been washed. It's painful and adds tension on your scalp because your hair wants to go back to its natural state but it can’t because it is tied up in the braid.  

So the best thing to do is to wash your hair one day before getting a retie when your hair is clean and the roots are in their natural state.

It is no problem dampening your locs while you're getting your hair done.

Washing your hair one day before getting a retie adds less stress to yourself and your loc. This is an important lesson that not many people know, so please, if you didn't know it, please like this blog, share it and tell the world about it. 

Too Much Starch Can Lead To Flaky Scalp

Another lesson that I've learned is that too much starch can lead to a flaky scalp. This is something my loctician, Adenike, taught me.

I've never had flaky scalp or dandruff or any of those issues. One day however, I appeared to have a flaky patch on my scalp. Adenike had to take a picture to show me. I was also surprised because I had never had a flaky scalp. 

Her explanation was that I had too much starch. I had to think back bur realized she was right! 

For months in a row I had those Japanese sweet potatoes. It was something new and I loved them so much that I had one or two every day. Mainly in the oven like chips as a healthy snack. After I stopped eating them, the flaking stopped. So, if you are flaking and don't know how to get rid of it, try eating less starch; maybe that will help you.  

Japanese sweet potato
Japanese Sweet Potato

Spray your hair with the What Naturals Love Hair Growth Tea

So, here's why I recommend the hair grow tea; I have used it for the last three months, and when I got to my loctician, the first thing she noticed was the hair growth! She had never seen this much growth in-between a retie before.

I told her about the tea, and of course, she was impressed. The tea was the only thing I use in between the sessions. She also said that the thinning parts were coming back. 

WhatNaturalsLove Hair Growth Tea

Use the WNL Hair Growth Tea for a retie

Instead of water, I asked Adenike to use the WNL Hair Growth Tea that I brought with me. We both noticed the difference instantly. The tea made my hair feel much softer and even more important my hair had more elasticity.

Elasticity is one of the most important factors to grow healthy hair. When the strands are fluid they don't break.

Before using the WNL Hair Growth Tea I could hear my hair snap during a retie.  My loctitian said the exact same thing.

Another great WNL Hair Growth Tea Story; I forgot my spray bottle at Adenike's. A week later she called me to tell me that of course she used it and it made her hair feel soooo soft. 

Get Yourself the Inflatable Hair Spa Loc Basin

The last thing I recommend for everyone is getting the inflatable hair spa basin. I didn't know about this basin when I started locs but it is the best thing ever.

This is a great way to cleanse your hair, not just for locs but for everyone who just wants to cleanse their hair and have a luxurious experience. The inflatable hair spa basin is ideal for locs. After all, you don't have to be in the shower for hours because you can rinse and repeat the process. 

It's an investment that you're going to use throughout your loc journey and beyond. It helps save time and money, so don't skip on it. Just get yourself the inflatable hair spa basin to cleanse your hair.  

Hair & Spa Loc Basin for Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks, Braidlocs

So these are the key things I learned up until now. Do you have anything to add, please let me know in the comments. 

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