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Top 6 Valentine's Gifts For Locs

Hello lovely ladies!

It’s February again and only a few days away from that special time of year.  Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s day with your boo or Galentine’s Day with girl (and guy-) friends, it’s never too late to show some love to your locs.  After all, sometimes self-care is the most loving thing you can do!

Check out these ideas below:    

  1. Magic Headwrap – Feeling Jada Pinkett, Yvonne Orji, Alicia Keys, or just feeling yourself? Protect your locs while making a fashion statement with these beautiful, eclectic prints. Now 40% off!
  2. Shampoo Bombs – Need a fresh outlook, or just a fresh scent to inspire Mr./Ms. Right? Try our new organic scented shampoo bombs with peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oils.
  3. Spa Basin – Need a deep clean but can’t get in with your stylist? Relax and soak your locs at home with this inflatable hair basin. Who needs the salon?
  4. Lint-Free Towel – Tired of putting yourself last? Ready to graduate from old t-shirts and towels that shed? Upgrade your loc game with a portable, super-absorbent, lint-free towel just for you… with an extra-large size for longer locs, and carrying case. Your locs will thank you!
  5. Silk Pillowcase – Skipping the “du rag” tonight? Check out our 100% pure silk pillowcases in a range of colors to match any setting. Maintain the moisture in your locs without changing your routine.
  6. Loc Accessories – Feeling beautiful? Ready to show off your crown with a little extra decoration? Check out our handmade loc jewelry, as well as our cowrie shell loc ties and headbands. Loc jewelry is custom-made in Central America… guaranteed to be distinctive without the luxury expense!

Whether you’re pampering yourself before the big date, or getting together with friends for a virtual spa party, these special items are guaranteed to show your locs the love they deserve. 

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