Free Afro Curlers for Cynsational Locs, winner of our 1st roll call

Free Afro Curlers for Cynsational Locs, winner of our 1st roll call

Long locs winner

In my search for more examples of how great the Afro Curlers truly are, I shared the next post on my Facebook Page:

Hey, I am looking for someone with medium to long locs who wants to try these. You will look like a fun macaroon head and you will sleep like a baby. 😄Please comment with your picture.

Facebook Loc Challenge
lick to by the Afro Curlers aka Macaroon or yo-o rollers

After all the rollers I’ve ever tried, the now named Macaroon curlers are hands-down the best. Not only do they give a great curl, they are super easy to use and the only rollers you can sleep on comfortably. Seriously.

Great experiences need to be shared with the world so I shared this roll call in about five different loc groups on Facebook. The response was tremendous!

Within over 400 comments we saw so many beautiful loced heads. Some with long, very long locs others with medium length but they were all just gorgeous.

Sisterlocks medium lengthLong dreadlocks woman

As you can imagine, it was not easy to choose but Miss Cynsational Locs seemed to have it all.

The self-described natural hair guru is a hairstylist and a youtuber who uses rollers quite frequently. Although she hasn't used foam rollers in years, she wanted to try the "old school" pink foam rollers again but the Afro curlers seemed more comfortable to her.

Well, I for one, can’t wait to see how the curls come out on her 118 small to medium-sized locs. I look forward to the video. I am sure you do too. So, stay tuned. Here is the link to Cynsational Locs Youtube Channel .

If you want try these curlers as well or any other products please get in touch especially if you have a youtube channel or an Instagram following.

You can also join our facebook group  Locs & Stuff | Facebook

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