Mireille Liong Sisterlocks showing the Loc Bombs for Dreadlocks, Los and Sisterlocks

How soon did you start Interlocking, Can you use the Loc Bombs on Starter locs and other Questions about my locs.

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W, one of my subscribers on Youtube, who just started braidlocs, had a number of questions after watching the above Video of the Organic Shampoo Bomb aka Loc Bombs. Here is the full quote: 

Can you use them ( the Loc Bombs) on starter braidlocs? Also, will you do a video explaining when you first interlocked your braidlocs during the beginning of your loc journey? Plus will you do an interlocking tutorial? I have starter braidlocs and need some guidance on when to initiate the first retie and how to make them look neat.

First of all, thank you for being a follower and thank you for the questions. If anyone here has questions, just leave a comment and I will get to your question. 

Can you use the Loc Bombs on starter braidlocs?

Yes! Yes, you sure can. The WNL Loc bombs are great for all types of locs at any stage. They are organic, super moisturizing and deep cleaning as well.

As a matter of fact, I wish I had these when I started my locs. My hair and certainly my scalp wouldn't be so dry in the beginning because I never wanted to use oils of conditioners. 

When did you first interlock your braidlocs during the beginning of your loc journey?

Although, I don't remember the exact date, I definitely waited too long for my first interlock session. It was close to 3 months. That's how long I waited in the beginning of my loc journey. I would not recommend this now.  

The longer you wait, the longer the retightening takes and the more painful it can be. I am trying to go every 8 to 10 weeks now. It depends on how fast your hair grows but if you keep it between 8 and 10 weeks your hair should stay neat.

If you have issues with frizz there are two things you can do: Get rid of frizzy locs or Embrace your frizz

And, just so you know I don't interlock myself. I go to a Sisterloctitian at Sabine's Hallway Natural hair Salon. They are on Nostrand ave in Brooklyn, NY.
When I am in Suriname I go to Johanna from the Hair box, Keizerstraat, Paramaribo. Both do interlocking and Sisterlocks. You can read more about the difference between these techniques

Will you do a tutorial on interlocking?

W's third question was, will you do a tutorial on interlocking? As I mentioned, I don't interlock my hair myself. I'm just not that good. So I always go to salons. I do have a recording of Nicole doing my interlock. I also have a recording of Johanna, one of the best stylists in Surinam, which you can see at Loc Maintenance to strengthen roots. So she does a great job. So I'll upload those videos so you can see what interlocking or what doing rotations look like. 

You can see more of my journey, from y starter braidlocs almost up until now at My Locs journey from Tiny Braids to Mature Micro Locs

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