My Sisterlocks Horror Story: I had to cut off my Sisterlocks

A Sisterlocks Horror Story; Why Chante had to cut off her Sisterlocks and what we can learn from it

Getting Sisterlocks is an investment. Not only does it often take more than a work day to get the small sized micro locs installed, the process is not cheap. The longer your hair the more you pay and $1,000 for installs is not unusual. You can debate whether the price of Sisterlocks is really worth it but the fact that you expect your investment it to go a long way, isn't up for debate. 

If for some reason you have to cut your Sisterlocks after you just got them started, it is not just an emotional loss but also a financial one.

So, to prevent anyone from making such an investment, we share the story of Chante who says, she wouldn't have made the investment, if she was aware of a few things. Watch her story and please let us know in the comments what you think. 


"First, it don't let my experience be the determining factor that deters you from getting Sisterlocks, but I feel like if I would have done a little bit more not necessarily research, because I did, you know, do my research, but I feel that if I would have known my hair, my hair texture, my hair responds to different things, I would have been better off not getting the Sisterlocks.

So, let's start from the beginning, um, as you all know, I got my Sisterlocks installed on August 20th, I believe it was August 20th, 21st, somewhere around there. I got them installed, then it took two days, 25 hours to get them installed. I absolutely loved them, don't get me wrong, I loved them.


They were so full and versatile, and I'll try to include some pictures at the end of this video to show you how, you know, how nice they looked. I'll even try to put some in the middle of the video so that you all can see, you know, how nice my Sisterlocks looked when I first got them established. You like I said, I got them done, had them in for pretty much April, May, June, almost three months. I went for my first retightening five weeks later, you know, that one was covered in the cost that I paid for the Sisterlocks, so that was free.

I got them retightened then, so that was in May, and then I went back in June and got them retightened again. In June, I always had a part here, so when I would always have the part here, I would always have my hair, you know, going in this direction so, you know, all of this would be going, you know, from the part would be going down, and then this part will be going over.

Hair Cuffs for Locs

Hair Cuffs for Locs

So, I never really looked at, you know, my edges or anything like that to see what was going on. But, um, I began to get bored with my color and with my hair, and I wanted to try some, I wanted to try some different colors. So, what I did, and I'll kind of take out a few of the Sisterlocks, what I did, and actually, I have a previous video showing this, actually dye my locks, not really dye down, but I did the spray. I sprayed them so I don't think you can see it, you know, it's kind of like a little bit, you know, down, and my nails, I need to get my nails done, but it's kind of, um, a little like a copper kind of color, I want to say. You can't really see it, but it's pretty much like a copper color.

So, I did the copper, and like I said, I have a previous video where I did copper, you can kind of see it from here. It does look, you know, pretty red. I did that color once, I did the color, you know, I was cool for a couple of days, and then I got bored again. So, I went to my stylist, which is a person that I used to go to for the past ten years who does my color.

You know, whenever I was a loose natural, she would do my color. So, I went to her, and I told her my frustrations, and she was like, you know, she wanted to examine my hair and look at my hair. So, when she went to, you know, lifting up, you know, the part here that I had, you know, going in that direction, when she kind of went through one started looking.

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