The High Low Dress with a Scarf that you need for Summer

The High Low Dress with a Scarf that you need for Summer

Summer is a great time to show off your colorful style. Since there is no need for heavy coats that coverup your captivating curves you might as well joyfully accentuate them.

Well, that is exactly what this High Low African Dress does. The top is designed to allow your shoulders to bask in the sunlight, showing of your beautiful skin while absorbing vitamin D.

The High Low Dress no Scarf

Made from a soft to the touch stretchy cotton this African designed dress embraces your body gently, perfectly accentuating your sensual curves without any fear or un-comfort of it feeling too snug. 

The high low part gives this flowy dress an extra sexy edge allowing you to show just enough of your legs to make an admirer turn heads and wonder.

See, what is mentioned the above is enough to spend hundreds. Yet, there is more. 

Off shoulder high low dress with headwrap

The High Low Dress with the Scarf as a Headwrap

This Off Shoulder High Low African dress comes with a scarf that is 57x17 inch in size. This offers varieties you may not have thought of. 

First, it is super easy to wear as a headwrap that perfectly matches the dress. The scarf is large enough to coverup the biggest fro, the longest locs or braids and of course a delicate weave. 

 Off shoulder High Low African Dress with scarf

The High Low Dress with the Scarf around the shoulders
Off Shoulder High Low African Dress with Scarf
The High Low Dress with the Scarf around the waist

In case you don't want to wear the headwrap, you can wear it over your shoulder when it gets a bit chilly or if you just feel better covering your shoulder.

Third you can also wrap the scarf around your waist. Just play with it and see how many varieties you can create with a scarf around your waist. Try to tie it as a rectangle, as a triangle on the side or in the front. Not only will it surprise you, it will bring you joy. I can see you smile in front of the mirror!

So go ahead click to buy the dress that was designed to make you look great and bring you joy.

There are over 10 different patterns and colors to choose from. We know it will be difficult to only choose one, so if you like to buy more than one , whether it is for you or your bestie, you will get a 10% discount. 

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